Sapphire radeon rx 6900 xt toxic: fastest amd graphics card with 360 mm radiator

Sapphire Radeon RX 6900 XT Toxic: Fastest AMD graphics card with 360 mm radiator

Sapphire packs the brand name toxic for the first time for years. The sapphire radeon rx 6900 xt toxic should be the fastest variant of amd’s high-end graphics card. Sapphire increases the maximum power consumption of 300 to 400 watts, cools the navi-21 graphics chip with a bleaching all-in-one water boiler and screws the clock frequencies upwards.

For the highest performance, users must install sapphires ubertakter-software trixx and select the boost profile there. The radeon rx 6900 xt toxic then accelerates up to 2660 mhz – the typical game boost in games should be at 2400 mhz. In addition, the manufacturer picks up the memory clock from 4000 to 4200 mhz, so that the transfer rate rises from 512 to just under 538 gb / s. For the up to 400 watts of power consumption, sapphire installed three power plugs: two with eight pins, one with six.

Without the boost profile, the graphics card accesses two bios versions. The faster variant relies on 2135 mhz game and 2365 mhz boost tact. The memory lingers at 4000 mhz (512 gb / s). The graphics chip alone may record 289 watts ("total graphics power", tgp; with boost profile at 332 watts), add to the power consumption of the gddr6 memory chips and the transducer losses.

For comparison: amd’s standard model the radeon rx 6900 xt has a tgp of 255 watts, a total powerlimit of 300 watts and clocks with 2015 mhz (game-takt) or 2250 mhz (maximum boost). Sapphire promises from its own toxic model depending on the game 5 to 8 percent higher frame rates than at amd’s reference.

Sapphire radeon rx 6900 xt toxic

Sapphire Radeon RX 6900 XT Toxic: Fastest AMD graphics card with 360 mm radiator

Water boiler with 360 mm radiator

The all-in-one water compartment with 360 mm coarse radiator (3 × 120 mm) cools the graphics chip. To the sdram and the voltage transformers, a combination of aluminum base plate, heatpipes, kuhlkorper and axial jerse is directly on the graphics card. The whole of rgb leds is decorated at air and graphics card fronts, which can be controlled by the mainboard via 3-pin connection.

The official price recommendation is 1600 euro – 60 percent above amd’s reference model. Due to the current high demand for crypto miners and generally bad availability, however, real prices are significantly high. Price comparison listings the radeon rx 6900 xt start at 1500 euros.

Most recently, sapphire presented a toxic model with the radeon r9 390, but at that time only for the asian market. The previous radeon r9 290x toxic from 2014 remained with its doubled storage equipment of 8 instead of 4 gb of a margin.