Saudis bomb hospital and marketplace in yemen

Once again, an msf hospital in sa’ada province was attacked

The coalition led by saudi arabia has a preferred target in the illegal war against yemen: hospitals run by the aid organization doctors without borders (msf). Yesterday, for the second time, a facility of the french organization msf in northern yemen was bombed in airstrikes, as the organization reports.

The msf station under fire is located in the razeh district of sa’ada province. Msf writes of at least four dead and ten injured. This is the third attack in the last three months.

Saudis bomb hospital and marketplace in Yemen

Sa’ada is already largely destroyed. Image: ocha

Back in early december 2015, at least three people were killed in a saudi air force attack on an msf hospital in ta’izz province in yemen. Air strikes in october 2015, also in sa’ada province bordering saudi arabia, injured several people and destroyed the facility aid organization. The saudi military had the coordinates of the msf station at the time.

In another incident in razeh, saudi fighter jets bombed a marketplace yesterday, killing at least eight people and injuring seven. In the process, the saudi air force is said to have repeatedly used internationally respected cluster bombs, as reported by the iranian news agency. The human rights organization hrw had already pointed to a use on 6. January pointed.

Saudi arabia has been waging a war without a un mandate against yemen since march 2015. Riyadh’s goal is to bomb former president abd rabbuh mansur hadi back into power. Hadi is a composite member of the sunni wahhabi gulf monarchy. More than 7.000 people are believed to have been killed and over 14,000 injured in the war in yemen since march.000 injured.

Saudi arabia is blocking aid shipments to yemen and is responsible for the humanitarian crisis in the country. Un secretary-general ban ki-moon expressed concern a few days ago about the increase in saudi air strikes against civilians in yemen and warned riyadh against using cluster bombs. The absolute monarchy is a close ally of the west and a loyal customer of western arms companies. Sharia law applies in saudi arabia.