Solar orbiter: first data of the sunny probe available online

Solar Orbiter: First data of the sunny probe available online

Seven months after the start of the room probe solar orbiter, the first data obtained from her are available. "We are now so far that we have put our first data on the data center of the european space agency esa online. Scientists around the world can now analyze these new and unique data and win new insights", explains professor robert wimmer-schweingruber, who headed the kiel post.

The data is published in the solar orbiter archive. For most other space missions, the data is usually published only half or even a whole year after receiving on earth to give the teams that have built the instruments an exclusive deadline for the analysis.

Solar orbiter is located on a high-elliptic train around the sun and will fly several swing-by-manover to get up to 0.28 astronomical units to the sun. The most outest point of the sun will be almost an astronomical unity from her. The variable conditions offer very special requirements for the instruments and their settings. "This is a huge challenge during covid-19 times", says dr. Yannis zouganelis, deputy project science of the esa.

First pictures

The sun probe had in june "warehouse" for the first time, phanomena photographed on the sun, which have not been held so detailed before. The solar corona can accelerate electrons and ions with gross energy, sometimes almost at light speed, the researchers have held so far.

The fact that the data will be published seven months after the start of the room probe and three months after the calibration phase is a couple meeting. The test phase, during which the instruments are tested under space conditions in real operation, was also corona-conditioned very short.

Solar orbiter: first pictures

Solar Orbiter: First data of the sunny probe available online

solar orbiter took place in june 2020 of the sun to 77 million kilometers.

The instrument teams only have 90 days to calibrate the raw data and bring them into a form that can handle external. "This deadline goods have been a challenge even in normal times, with the corona pandemic the teams were particularly demanded", explains wimmer schweingruber.