Stack overflow survey: rust, typescript and python are developers darlings

Stack Overflow Survey: Rust, TypeScript and Python are developers darlings

For around 10 years, the developer forum stack overflow has been asking its users to pursue the current trends in the developer community. Now the operators of the forum have submitted the results of the latest survey, at which in february 2020 apparently good worldwide 65.000 developers participated. Of the "2020 developer survey" above all, illuminates the daily work of it specialists, the use of programming languages, teaches a mood of the industry and gives outlook into the future.

Rust, typescript and python are popular – vba and objective-c are not

To the undoubtedly most important tools of developers pay the programming languages. Under the participants stack-overflow survey, the preferences are clearly distributed: rust is by far the most popular language – their ascent has been awarded for a long time. Although the programming language developed at mozilla has briefly celebrated its fold birthday, it is considered to be a serious alternative to the languages established for decades c / c++. Rust scores in particular with safe storage management and avoiding race conditions, without pubes during performance. This makes it recommended under other for system-related and parallel software development.

Almost equal, but with a clear distance to rust, follow second place and three of the top 10 programming languages in the stack overflow survey typescript and python. During python also occupies top positions in comparable rankings and under the stack-overflow users unchallenged than the language is considered that most of them are interested in – even if they have not worked so far – the placement of microsoft’s typescript is rather surprised. The makers behind the study still good reason for the rising popularity of typesscript: that microsoft is always more obvious the open source movement, creates trust on the part of the developers.

In contrast, the technical prediction of typescript as the static typing appear more important appear more importantly. Against the background of the rapid growing node.Js and web frontend code base benefit ts developers from security to produce correct code. In addition, typesscript can easily be gradually integrated into projects and thus avoid any complex migrations from other programming languages. The javascript superset is also characterized by the early support of new ecmascript specifications (for example, arrow functions, async and classes), often significantly before they are used in browsers at all.

Stack Overflow Survey: Rust, TypeScript and Python are developers darlings

Share of developers who program in the respective language and continue to do so

As unpopular – or in the jargon of the study even "folded" – especially the languages vba, objective-c and perl apply. Although these three programming languages are still payable to the frequently used, but significantly more than two-thirds of developers who work with them, do not want to do so in the future.

Stack Overflow Survey: Rust, TypeScript and Python are developers darlings

Share of developers who program in the respective language and do not want to continue this

Well paid jobs in engineering

With views of the hobs, jobs appear in the fields of engineering, especially the site reliability engineering, and devops unnecessary at the most attractive – but also data engineers, data scientists and machine-learning specialists have good prospects for average earnings. Engineering manager drove the worldwide ranking with an average annual salary of around 95.000 us dollars. Behind it site reliability engineers (sres) with 80.000 us dollars and devops specialists (68.000 us dollars). In data engineering are around the 65.000 us dollar to earn, data science and ml jobs promise up to 58.000 us dollars. At the bottom of the scale, mobile developers (43.000 us dollar) and academic research (41.000 us dollar) with significantly lower annual salutors.

However, the salary bottleneck in the study is strongly interpreted by the situation in the us, where in the top even up to 150.000 us dollars are paid. Us developers almost make up a fivefold of all survey participants and thus represent the large regional group from india (13 percent).

In view of the strong focus on engineering, it is very surprising that developers can achieve the highest salary with the programming languages in this area. With scala, go, ruby, rust and perl, experienced developers come to an average year-round merit (median) of more than 70.000 us dollars. In the gros of the programming languages is the average salary in the range between 50.000 and 60.000 us dollars.

Details on the interactive website

Anyone who liked more about the trends in the developmental life of stack-overflow users, for example, gender and roll distributions, or workload, can deepen the interactive website 2020 for more details present in vivid graphics. As in recent years, stack overflow also wants to be unoportioned in short the anonymized results under the open database license (odbl).