Successor of ferrari 612 on test drive in scandinavia

Successor of ferrari 612 on test drive in scandinavia

Munchen, 19. January 2011 – while in this country the snow chaos for christmas and new year a touch of prefabing, there is a stuffy of winter in scandinavia. And such constant conditions are also required to test the successor of ferrari 612 on heart and kidneys. With a tankstop, we have succeeded in some meaningful snapshuses of the new large model from maranello.

2 + 2-seater

Despite camouflage can be seen that the body is designed in shooting brake way – a departure from the coupe line of the process. Interior images show that it is a 2 + 2 seater. Likewise, the design is recognizable to recognize internal interior. In the headlights you can already recognize the design influence of the 458 italia. At the rear there are the traditional round jerk lights. The final version is expected to the geneva car salon 2011.

With hybrid technology?

Which motorizations can we expect? For traditionalists in this class in a ferrari is only a v12 priority, but also on a hybrid system is speculated. Finally, competitor porsche with the study 918 spyder has shown that sports cars and hybrid technology can be easily united. In addition, in formula 1, in which ferrari is dedicated to the coming season, the return of energy recovery system kers (kinetic energy recovery system) expected. Ferrari could use synergy effects here. And we remember: at the geneva motor show 2010 ferrari showed the 599 hy-kers hybrid concept and provided for the near future a serial hybrid in view.