Systemrescue 8.00: simply print gnupg key in an emergency

SystemRescue 8.00: Just print GnuPG key in an emergency

Systemrescue is a versatile toolbox for admins that need to save systems after failed updates or fail. The new version 8.0 brings a fresh kernel, a new xfce and new tools for fat file systems.

Although rank and slim, systemrescue is not: the standard image of the linux distribution that is available for x86_64 and i686 systems brings 708 or 692 megabytes to the scales. In return, the admin in the vast majority of cases does not fall within the missing tools – because systemrescue is extremely versatile. It includes a complete set of the most common command line tools, such as manipulation of file systems. Without exception, systemrescue mounts all file systems that support the linux kernel and brings for all geared representatives of the file system category also tools to check ("fsk"and for repair with. The new version also has the old package "exfat utils" by "exfatprogs" puts a more modern alternative of old tools.

8th.01 fixes bug

The directly then published version 8.01 raises the kernel of the system to version 5.10.22 and therefore to the latest version of the latest lts kernel. Above all, however, a bug prevented the start of fat file systems in systemrescue 8.00, this is now fixed. Already in version 8.00 included xfce 4.16, which has been available for several months and as a graphic desktop also works well on powerful systems and flatts.

For the first time with on board "paperkey", with the admin’s private gpg key, printing on paper can be used: it generates a printable file in the form of a png or a pdf, which will immediately send commercial printers immediately. The tool is systemrescue, so that the admin in the most urban emergency can secure a gpg key from a havaried system at least.

Save windows with linux

In addition, systemrescue brings 8.00 various backup tools up to date. Attractively, for many admins, systemrescue not only to save linux systems can save, but a variety of work on windows systems or hard drives can export. Because the geared windows file systems are also supported in systemrescue, the passwords of users of windows installations can be modified directly from systemrescue.

Systemrescue is available for download on the developer’s website. The iso files can be used optionally from cds or from usb sticks. The linux dsitribution appeared early under the name systemrescuecd, the renaming took place with the process 7.00 end 2020.