You can not look twice on the same google maps

You can not look twice on the same Google Maps

Google strongers the use of artificial intelligence in the search, on google photos, shopping service and google maps. The data company was explored on tuesday to open the developer conference google i / o. This leads to changes in use on most android advocates, of which more than three billion actively used in circulation are. At the map service google maps, the first hit in five changes.

Google maps tries to see what the user was allowed to interest particularly. And these amptions depend on whether the mobile phone is in the usual environment or on a journey, and what hour it has beaten. So in the morning, caffeine, in the evening rather rather alcohol cutouts are displayed.

Travelers drains google maps in the future excessive sights. Parallel tries to find out the group in which hotel’s hotel has risen. The assistant is constantly reading the user’s gmails and is also looking for booking supports. Notes on the gehorse to the hotel should then be displayed in live view.

Berlin zebra strips and traffic islands

Live view is a 2019-introduced augmented reality service. Users can start their environment with their smartphone camera. Tourists who have been completely annoyed, can turn their phone in all directions to finally find the right way. The google maps app shines live directional arrows and other additional information. Here google liked in more detail in the course of the year and, for example, display reviews of surrounding business.

More details for maps have existed since last august. Google automatically evaluates satellite recordings automatically. This year is the focus on 50 city, including berlin. Google’s ki seeks sits, zebra stripes, roadsides and even traffic islands to recognize and record. This should help people with strollers or rolls.

New routes

If a motorist google maps must be used and brake sharp, remember that of the data group. Brakes other users at the place sharp, the algorithm will take a danger point. Together with other data, this will soon be influenced by the route planning: there are several possible travel routes with a similar journey time, preferably the algorithm the less danger.

In some regions, chauffeurs also receive the possibility to eliminate routes with lower fuel consumption. Concergued by group chief sundar pichai on tuesday to open the google i / o 2021.

Already now google maps displays for many restaurants and other restaurants, how business is going straight there. In the future, this should also be displayed for fubgangerzones or neighborhoods, which were especially interested in tourists and pickpockings.