12.000 Euros for the new clubhouse in supplingen

12.000 Euros for the new clubhouse in supplingen

Until the Spielvereinigung Supplingen (SpVg) has its own clubhouse again, there is still a decent way to. But on just this meets the sports people around their club chairman Dirk Klein much encouragement, and not only in the form of monetary donations. In October 2020, a fire completely destroyed the clubhouse located directly next to the sports field. The Lower Saxony Football Association (NfV) and the German Football Association (DFB) now support the reconstruction with 12.000 euros. Now Egon Trepke and Stefan Voth from the NfV and Werner Denneberg from the NfV Helmstedt district handed over the symbolic check. 9000 euros alone come from the DFB.

New clubhouse for the 2022/2023 season?

Who meets Dirk Klein these days, experiences a man with confidence. He has one goal: "Ideally, we will be able to 2022/2023 season with the new Clubhouse start", he said at the Lokaltermin at the edge of the sports field. That is a sporty but quite realistic goal, he said. The district has already given the green light in principle, as Klein explained, for a slightly larger version of the old sports home. "When you build new, you have to have a modern WC facility with plan barrier-free toilet, an appropriate kitchen area and so on," he explained. About 25 square meters would make the new house larger. For the district apparently no obstacle. "A 30 percent markup is in," Klein enthuses.

Despite Corona- This is the good news from the region

But it could also become a completely different variant. That would depend on the municipality of Supplingen, as it was said. The flirts accordingly with a larger building, which both clubhouse and Village community center could represent. "We'll just have to wait and see," Klein commented in a relaxed manner. Likewise still a statement of the insurance is pending, how high the refund now concretely turns out. After all: The old foundation will probably be sufficient for the new building as well. If these are not good conditions.

Donation sum already amounts to 32.000 euros

In addition, there is this positive news: 32.000 euros is already the amount donated, according to the chairman, including the big check. By the way, the NfV shares this with 3000 and the DFB with 9000 Euros. "When Werner made the Call for help sent, I got right on it," explained Egon Trepke. He took the DFB to task. "There is an agreement: if the NfV gives something, then the DFB gives the triple buzzer," said Trepke. He adds: "There is always talk about promotion of the clubs. This is how it looks."

A call for donations is being made via Paypal

For the Spielvereinigung Supplingen, the misfortune could ultimately turn into the positive: About Paypal runs a successful Donation call, Companies and many private people have promised help, a local architect is taking care of the planning almost without a fee, and: "Many people have already announced that they want to help with the construction," said Dirk Klein. The association wants to give something back to all of them. The area with the new home will be fenced in, but will have a children's playground. "In front of the home there will be a terrace. Perhaps this is Offer for families, who otherwise have little to do with soccer," hopes Klein, and: "We want to set up goals again on the lawn below," promises sports administrator Thomas Kostoschenko. The school can be used even when the gates to the sports field are closed. All grand plans and gestures. But the biggest one comes from the neighboring village, Supplingenburg: TSV allows the soccer players from Supplingen to host matches on its hallowed turf. In return, the soccer players of both clubs train on the fields in Supplingen.