Apple car: lg-magna as a finished for apple’s e-car in conversation

Apple Car: LG-Magna as a finished for Apple's e-car in conversation

Apple could have found a first handler for his planned electric car: a new joint venture from the electronics company lg and the easter-rich automotive supplier magna international is "very close" conclusion of contract with the iphone group, such as sudkorean media reports, the details were still negotiated.

The so far under the name "lg magna e-powertrain" competent corporate cooperation become an initial production of a first generation of the apple vehicle – still in relatively small stucco numbers, like the korea times calling on informed persons. Lg subsidiary have been part of apple’s supply chain and magna have been challenged in the prospect of wanting to carry out an order manufacturing of cars in a work in the us – apple’s home market.

Difficult search for a car contract manufacturer

For a long time, apple is supposed to be a job-ready for his car project, talking to classic car drawers seem to be in the sand: most recently, at the beginning of the year hyundai and nissan as producers for an apple car were in conversation, which is their share prices for their share prices. According to both car manufacturers, according to reports, however, to be degraded to the apple contract manufacturer.

Such a brand collision with the cooperation with lg-magna does not notice the newspaper: lg as a brand in the global ev supply chain so far not roughly prasent and was benefited from a cooperation with apple. Lg-magna want to build together e-motors and power electronics for customers from the car industry.

Apple car an open secret

Apple’s work on an electric car is an open secret: the company has hired specialists from the car industry in recent years, a team with a at least three-digit number of employees seems to be with the "project titan" entrusted. His system for autonomous driving is already testing apple on public straws in california. Whether it ultimately becomes a product, remains open – from the market maturity the project seems to be removed for several years.