Bitkom determines poor notes for digitization of schools

Bitkom determines poor notes for digitization of schools

As the bitkom has determined by a representative survey, the total taxation as well as parents awarded poor notes to the local school policy when it comes to the degree and design of the digitization of the schools. The coronavirus pandemic has clearly demonstrated the weakness of german schools. Is striking: the number of "digital referend" among the respondents is too low. The inhibitor shoe for the consistent digitization of the schools is located elsewhere.

Note 4-, set

Bitkom-prasident achim berg was dissatisfied as he pointed out the press conference to the latest bitkom survey on the evaluation: "the results are very humiliating". So the corona pandemic disclosed the deficits in digitization of schools. This statement had 89 percent of the population and 88 percent of parents agreed in the bitkom survey.

A rough desire was awarded as much expression; 87 percent of the population and 90 percent of the parents wanted schools to be enabled in this school year to inform schulerinnen and schuler by homeschooling. Because here are parents and population rough deficits. On the request to judge with school notes, how the schools are prepared for a possible re-lockdown, the total taxation awards the note "sufficient" (4.3), the parents even "inadequate" (4.6). A coarse part of the parents of school-age children ames that in the case of renewed school sluggishness of the lessons could hardly be maintained.

The fact that homeschooling should belong to the standard actual repertoire for schools after the corona pandemic, 47 percent of the population and 48 percent of parents – so only just half the half. A complete change into homeschooling, as long as the pandemic lasts, find out only by a few respondents (bevoling 28 percent, parents 20 percent).

Gross will, few denier

Nevertheless, the survey is illustrated by berg that the population in the field of schools show a rough digitalization will show. 88 percent of the population and 93 percent of parents agreed that the statement agreed that "the use of digital technologies such as computers, smartboards or tablets in all schools should be standard". In addition, digital competences should "in school lessons, a higher priority" (volkure 81 percent, parents 87 percent). Only three percent of all respondents and two percent of the parents surveyed agreed to the statement "digital technologies such as computers or tablets in schools should have nothing to look for".

Where do it hook in german school policy when population and parents make so clear statements? Achim berg stated: "i know only a few ambitious digitization projects than the digitization of schools".

Criticism of pierism and burocracy

One of the large inhibition shoes from the point of view of respondents is the folderalism. The statement that this is the digitization of schools brake, 72 percent of the population and 76 percent of parents agreed. The respondents voted the statements by majority "futurally the federal government should be responsible for education policy instead of the land" (volkure 71 percent, parents 79 percent) and "that each federal state has its own education system is no longer time" (volkure 65 percent, parents 70 percent). In addition, legal concerns and lack of concepts had almost hindered the transition to homeschooling and digital learning in the early year, remembered mountain.

And, in the opinion of the bitkom, especially the implementation of the digital package to slowly towing burocratic – a gross part of the funds of the digital package has not yet arrived in the schools. Here you have to pass on a political level and in the administrations more. "From the federal government to the regional school office, everyone is required to bring the digital pact to effect", underlined mountain. In the past few months, the unabonial help for schulerendgerate has proven to be in the past few months from 500 million euros from the confederation. "It should also run with the digital pact."

Bitkom determines poor notes for digitization of schools

The representative survey was under 1 in august.003 persons in germany from 16 years ago, including 269 parents of school-age children.