Bmw builds an electric car plant with great wall motor

Bmw and the chinese company great wall motor build a work in china a factory for e vehicles. Bmw will produce the mini electric there. About 3000 employees should be up to 160 after the start-up phase.Produce 000 vehicles per year. That made both companies on friday (29. Nov. 2019) known.

Both partners together invest together approximately 650 million. Euro (more than fun billion cny). The new joint venture gets the name "spotlight automotive limited".

The world’s largest market for electromobility …

The factory arises 2020 to 2022 in zhangjiagang in jiangsu province, after the 50:50 joint venture contract was signed in berlin in the summer of 2018. The agreement consists of production joint development battery electrical vehicles in the world’s largest market for electromobility.

In doing so, art should be built auber the mini electric several models of various brands for great wall motor. The battery electrical mini is initially built in oxford and comes on the market in the first quarter of 2020. With the establishment of a chinese production, bmw was allowed to become stronger independently of the possible consequences of a probable brexit.

… Is already bmws big single market

After the success of the bmw brilliance automotive (bba) in recent years, the production of the mini electric was allowed to accelerate the expansion of the bmw group in its largest single market. From 2020, the fully electric bmw ix3 is to be produced in the already existing bmw plant in the chinese shenyang.