Booster vaccination: all important information on booster vaccination

Booster vaccination is on everyone's lips: while currently only around two thirds of people in Germany have been vaccinated twice against the corona virus, certain people are already being offered a third vaccination. But what exactly is a Booster vaccination? Why is it necessary? And when should you have your third vaccination? We clarify the most important questions.

What is booster vaccination?

When people are immunized against a certain pathogen with a vaccine, a so-called basic immunization is usually first established. This means that the Vaccination protection new emerges. Corona vaccines usually require two doses to do so, while the Johnson and Johnson vaccine requires one dose.

In order to maintain the vaccination protection in the long term, a booster vaccination is necessary after some time for most vaccinations. This is also the case with Corona vaccines the case. In contrast to basic immunization, only one dose needs to be administered in this case.

Why is a booster vaccination necessary?

While there are some vaccines that protect against infection for a lifetime, protection wears off with most vaccines. This is also the case for the Corona immunizations. Therefore, to provide lasting protection for vaccinated individuals, regular Booster or. Booster vaccinations necessary. This procedure is not new and has long been established for other vaccinations – such as against tetanus and diphtheria.

When to get vaccinated a third time?

In principle, a booster vaccination is always useful when the vaccination protection is weakening. It is not yet clear how long the corona vaccines will protect against infection. The Permanent Vaccination Commission According to the German Federal Centre for Health Education (Stiko), it therefore continuously checks whether boosters are needed.

On the question of when a third vaccination is possible, the Ministry of Health has now made its position clear. At least six months must have passed since the last vaccination, at which point interested individuals can receive a booster shot. However, in special circumstances, the booster is available after a shorter waiting period.Whether the number of antibodies has an influence on the timing of the booster vaccination, we explain here.

Who needs booster vaccination?

It seems likely that sooner or later everyone will need a booster vaccination to maintain vaccine protection. Currently come for a Booster vaccination according to the decision of the Conference of Health Ministers (GMK), these groups of people are eligible:

  • Residents in facilities for the care of the elderly
  • Residents in facilities for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups
  • People in need of care who are cared for at home
  • People with immunodeficiency
  • People with severe immunodeficiency or immunosuppression (i.d.R. from 4 weeks after basic immunization)
  • people aged 80 and older
  • People 60 years of age and older after individual consideration and medical consultation
  • Personnel who are regularly in contact with infectious people, for example in medical facilities or nursing homes
  • Close household contacts of people with a severe immune deficiency
  • People who have been vaccinated with Johnson Johnson's vaccine
  • Individuals who have received their full series of vaccinations with Astrazeneca's vaccine
  • People who received a vaccine dose of a vector vaccine after a coronavirus infection

In the meantime, however, the German Federal Ministry of Health has advocated that all people should be vaccinated six months after their second vaccination (or. the first and only vaccination at Johnson and Johnson) to offer a booster. The Standing Commission on Vaccination also now agrees with this.

From when does the booster vaccination take effect?

As after the second Corona vaccination, it takes some time after a booster vaccination for the vaccine to reach its full Effect can unfold. However, because only a few booster vaccinations have been administered to date, there are no reliable data on this yet. You can

Other vaccines, such as those from Valneva and Novavax, are currently being tested. However, not all of the Corona vaccines approved to date are also used for booster vaccination. Studies have shown that especially Cross-vaccination with mRNA vaccines lead to a high level of vaccine protection. Here we explain which vaccine is the right one for you. Special rules apply if cross-vaccination was already administered during basic immunization.

What are the side effects of booster vaccination?

Like all medicines, the Corona vaccines can be Side effects trigger. However, these are usually not serious and pass after a few days – vaccines are generally regarded as safe. Overall, side effects do not occur more frequently with the booster than with the second vaccination. An overview with the possible side effects of the booster vaccination can be found here.

What applies to booster vaccination for pregnant women?

Pregnant women among vulnerable groups in pandemic, according to federal health ministry. Many women were therefore pleased when the Corona vaccination was also approved for expectant mothers. But does that also apply to the booster? In some countries, the booster is now also administered to pregnant women – this is the situation in Germany.

Is there a digital vaccination certificate for the booster?

Like the basic immunization, the booster vaccination is also noted in the vaccination certificate. It is also possible to record them via a QR code in the Corona warning app or other apps. This may be necessary because the initial vaccination is not valid indefinitely.

How much distance to flu vaccination is necessary?

For many people, not only the booster but also the flu vaccination is currently an ie. In order to prevent overloading of the health care system, it is strongly recommended by experts. Those planning both vaccinations sometimes fear interactions. Why this is unfounded and no interval between Corona and flu vaccination is necessary, we explain here.