Chancellor candidacy: is soder damaging himself with his course of ignition??

Markus Soder is looking for the Open test of power. The CDU leadership's broad vote for Armin Laschet as the CDU/CSU's candidate for chancellor: wastepaper. The prime minister from Bavaria, brimming with self-confidence, is suddenly playing the people's tribune. The CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, the national associations should be heard, he demands. And of course the opinion polls, in which Soder has been leading Laschet by a wide margin for months, are an important criterion.

It is an open call to his supporters in the Union to switch to the Soder camp now. And it is a sheer declaration of mistrust to Laschet, with whom he indirectly predicts disaster for the CDU/CSU. Anyone looking at current polling data can see that formerly safe black constituencies are "now green in the south, red in the west and blue in the east," he warns.

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Markus Soder uses populism as a political weapon

Soder believes he is the one who can turn the downward trend for CDU/CSU. In the process, he has discovered populism as a political weapon. He wants to bypass the party's leadership bodies and institutions; for him, political legitimacy feeds on the broad approval of the population.

Others also came up with the Populism card to the goal. France's presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron resigned from the Socialist party, presented himself as an anti-establishment candidate and was thus carried into the Elysee Palace. Donald Trump railed against the "political swamp" in Washington, hitting a nerve among the population and conquering the White House as a career changer.

Bundestag election 2021: The Union is programmatically burnt out

Soder certainly has weighty arguments on his side. After 16 years of Angela Merkel's chancellorship, the Union is programmatically burnt out and exhausted. A A new beginning is needed. Both in terms of political content and personal freshness.

The Greens offer this. The fight against climate change, environmental protection and the digitalization offensive are ies that also resonate with middle-class milieus. With Robert Habeck or Annalena Baerbock as a candidate for chancellor, respectively. candidate for chancellor, the party has a unspent face. Like the stock market, it's a bet on the future – whether the hopes will be realized in the end is, of course, another question.

Soder: base must be heard on K ie

Chancellor candidacy: is soder damaging himself with his course of ignition??

Soder could bring success to the Union – but only with backing

Soder would be the more interesting and probably more promising candidate for chancellor of the CDU/CSU – provided he had the backing of the CDU and CSU. He is versatile, opportunistic and offers many projection surfaces. As an anti-immigration campaigner against the AfD, he represented staunchly conservative positions in the past; lately, he has been posing as a black-green standard-bearer of reconciling economy and ecology.

CDU leader and NRW state premier Laschet, on the other hand, is the continuation of the Merkelism with a nice face: integrative, but lacking contours. It cannot be ruled out that the CDU/CSU, with him at the helm, will have a disastrous result in the federal election. But the leadership of the CDU has not thought strategically, but has oriented itself to party logic. "Yes not damage the chairman who was elected only three months ago," was the mantra.

Does Soder's ambition put a spoke in his wheel?

Nevertheless, Soder's populist Ignition course dangerous. If he had relented after the pro-Laschet vote by the CDU presidium and federal executive committee and promised his opponent support in the election campaign, he would be the team player who can curb his ambition and magnanimously give up. His position would be strengthened.

The Bavarian has missed this point in time. Now he stands as a power-mad alpha male. His par force ride will lead many in the CDU to solidarize with Laschet. Even if Soder – against all odds – were able to push through his candidacy for chancellor after all, the CDU/CSU would be torn apart and badly damaged. Deep injuries remain. For Soder, it would be a Pyrrhic victory.

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