Deadly witch slippers

The anti-plastic tute pope

In April 2002, a dead minke whale was spooled onto the coast of Normandy. In his stomach they found 800 kg of plastic rods, including two rods from English supermarkets. This noted a scientific report uber "Long-term effects of plastic turds on the marine environment".

Deadly witch slurpers


Hardly anyone takes note of what environmental organizations have been denouncing for decades. More than 100.000 whales, seals, sea turtles and birds die every year as a result of plastic tides. "The real costs" of the tutes are not skimmable. 133 billion 540 million 780 thousand touts have already been ied to customers this year, as documented by a running payer, approximately one million per minute. As many are thrown away in a minute worldwide.

"Most Americans urinate plastic", with this insight Radschif Badlani gifted his readers just before last year’s Christmas. The Indian is a "obsessive geek", on the ie of plastic cans. He runs an anti-plastic-tute blog – but not out of blob idealism for the good cause, because Badlani makes cotton carrier bags and really uses every opportunity to point this out. Despite the annoying campaign on his own behalf, Badlani’s blog is considered by the attentive, ecologically oriented Trend-Spurnasen of "Worldchanging" as an exemplary "Micro-niche engagement" via the net, which will become the norm in the years to come.

Plastic touts as a "Cult objects"? This point of view does not interest the plastic opponent, he has above all eyes for the plague, which knows everyone, who drove Wusten in Jordan or Syria. A worldwide phenomenon, which, as Badlani female, has led to its own name changes. In South Africa they "National Flower", in Alaska "Tundra ghosts" or "Mull neck snowbird", in China more prosaic "Weave Pollution" and in Ireland, where they mostly hang from treetops: "Witches’ Knickers" (witch slipper).

Image: Kultura-Extra

Since the Irish state added taxes on plastic underwash, Badlani said, consumption of the tutes has been reduced by 90%. In Malta and South Africa, similar measures have achieved similar success, and in San Francisco, similar regulations are in the process of being introduced – "plastax" – to create. Which prompts the thought of expanding and reviving the entertaining can deposit discussion in this country with a plastic turkey tax discussion.

There is no safe plastic, Cotton-Badlani’s mantra says. To that end, he builds daily on his stockpile of arguments against the good "piece of cultural history" and cites a host of witnesses to dismantle the unbreakable, gross myth about plastic touts:

Environmental organizations tend to declare what is the worst or best plastic so we can keep using it. This shows that you have understood it badly and do not pay attention to the relevant aspects. All plastic passes on toxins to everything it comes into contact with and at all times. It doesn’t matter if it is water or oil based, hot or cold, solid or liquid. The concept of biodegradable plastic is an industry ploy to distract us from the real problem: Disposable containers and packaging.

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