Divide and conquer

In addition to young adults, groups of trips are also negatively affected by the reform of the Algii

Raider now is called Twix and Hartz IV is now called social law. So last Friday in the Bundestag for the active affected Hartz IV. In Parliament, the maaking was negotiated under the bulky name draft of a first law for changing the second Book of Social Law.

Critical commentators wondered how fast and so-free the reform of reform in parliament has been thinked. "With a coalition coalition, new political speeds are apparently possible – as there is no more national actor, the social roots scandalized," said the Taz commentator.

Maybe it’s because one makes a little better one of a population group and that another disadvantaged. The East Germans should be equal to the unemployment benefit. Around 2.3 million long-term unemployed in the new federal stations then receive 14 euros a month more than before. Young adults up to 25. Year of life should only get 276 euros a month if you live in the household of the parents. Your own apartment must be approved by a commission from municipalities and work agencies. While, on the one hand, young adults are stopped to travel across the republic for a job, you should otherwise stay in the "Hotel Mama", as unison, wrote several newspapers.

Only the unruly software seemed to make problems and even prevent timely shortness. However, those who do not impress themselves from a mass movement two years ago, can not take the note from the software from the software. The shorts will be carried out on time, strolled it out of the cabinet. If the software does not participate, the data must be entered by hand. This means more work for employees of work agencies and a further reduction of advice.

The affected associations have called new resistance. The media have ignored these calls or deported to the local pages. Not mentioned in most newspapers that certain groups of trannies are also disadvantaged by the changes, as Georg Classen roared from the Berlin escape council.

So it is called in the reform of the unemployment benefit that foreigners, whose right of residence arises solely on the purpose of working, and their family gains are not entitled to unemployment benefit II. For Classen, the reformulation of the law means a performance committee of certain groups of foreigners. Especially EU Burgers who made use of their right to EU burgerism and for the purpose of working in Germany, as well as the family-ordered EU burgers worked for the first time in Germany, could be excluded from services according to ALG II. These regulations will certainly have the courts and collided with EU law.

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