Esa plans communication and navigation satellites around the moon

ESA plans communication and navigation satellites around the moon

The esa wants to span a communication and navigation network around the moon and has now commissioned two groups of companies to develop concepts for dafur. In view of various planned missions to the moon, the european space agency wants to make its contribution to the fact that it does not remain with one-time flights, but can be set up a permanent prasence on the moon.

If exploratory gates, spacecraft and other missions are no longer dependent on their own technique for position determination and communication with the earth, there was more space for other technology or the costs could be lensed, the esa buried the step. If the communication and position determination is provided, more esa member states can carry out their own missions.

So many possibilities

For years, the esa has called in the context of an initiative called "moonlight", what is particularly important for the art exploration of the moon. Satellite networks for communication with the earth and the location determination had switched out as a particularly priority. If such were in operation, space probes could land overall, telescopes are set up on the moon – even on the ground facing site. Esa even speculates via vr applications, where moon-rover could be controlled live from the earth. How to look like the existing satellite networks, two company groups should now work around the british company surrey satellite technology limited and to work around telespazio from italy.

(source: esa – european space agency)

How close we are a return to the moon in coarse circumstances and how realistic are the many current tarpaulins, but only has to show. The esa once again refers to the participation in the artemis program of nasa to present the latest part of the moonlight initiative once. That sees the manned return to the moon surface for the year 2024, but there are now considerable doubts. Despite immense cost increases, the schedule was no longer allowed to hold. At the same time, there are not only plan to state space agencies for mission missions, the us space company spacex already has the first passenger for a planned flight around the ground trabants. The spaceship for dafur is not finished yet.