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Only dead people were allowed to sell their world cup 2006 tickets

The time is approaching when the "world as a guest of friends" the world cup 2006 is already casting its data shadows. But when it comes to personalized tickets, there is a great deal of confusion.

Actually, we have always known it: a true fan can be seen in the stadium with freshly stitched wounds, drip and catheter if necessary. If, on the other hand, he is dead, he will be forced to skip the eagerly awaited game. The rules for exchanging or transferring personalized tickets are similar. The transfer of the personalized tickets. "In general, tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. Only in special cases (such as death or serious illness) tickets can be transferred to other persons with the consent of the oc" was the answer to any questions from contemporaries who were unwilling to abide by the rules established for the safety of all.

Because, as we know, the personalization of tickets is not for the sake of business, but for the safety of those interested in football. By the way, football fans are not the same as fans, because fans are not necessarily one of the four classes that professor gunter pilz, a sociologist from the institute of sports science at the university of hanover, considers to be fans.

A football fan, according to pilz, is either a kuttentrager, hool, ultra or hooltra. Everything else are the interested, to which then also the sponsors and federations pay, that about 2.

In order not to mix the fans and the interested people, so that the hool gets the tickets that the peaceful interested people bought for him before, there are the rules of exchange for tickets. Although every ticket holder is guided through four security gates and can still be refused entry to the stadium at any time, the contactless rfid chips on the tickets are important precisely because they show that the person who bought the ticket is also the current owner of the ticket. And to ensure this within the security gates by simple control of the identity cards would not only take much longer than by means of the practical small radio chips, no – it would continue to give the impression that germany was not innovative when it comes to uberwawa… Security technology.

Of course, there are those who are always uptight, who protest against the radio chips or who can’t accept that the cards they finally got after the data striptease and the raffle are only good as wall decorations because, contrary to expectations, they don’t have time on the day in question. One of these penetrating norgler is harald l.

"Hello, i have the following problem: 12 tickets for the 2006 world cup have been allocated to me and a friend from norway (10., 13. And 21. June). Since my friend cannot see all the games, i want to have the tickets for the game in frankfurt on 21. June 2006 in frankfurt to a german couple who are friends of mine. How can i do that???" writes the dissatisfied harald and even if we see his request as an imposition (see headline) and deny his friend from norway any interest in football, the question is: what to do?? What if, for example, the norwegian friend falls ill shortly before the world cup 2006 or only hours before the game??

In the event of illness shortly before or during the 2006 fifa world cup germany™, a broadcast can also be purchased on the day of the match at the local ticket center (the so called "venue ticketing processing center") take place. The prerequisite for this is the presentation of the ticket, a power of attorney with a copy of the id of the actual ticket holder and a document proving the inappropriateness of the actual ticket holder (i.D.R. Medical certificate).

Information from the ticketing center

So if you are speculating on rubbing the ticket out of the cold, clammy hands of your friends: please obtain the permission of the deceased beforehand, otherwise nothing will help..

For all those who with flimsy reasons (vacation not approved, operation was scheduled…) try to give their tickets to the bad fans, the only option is to decorate the wall? No, because the ok (which stands for organizing committee, not for organized crime as in this case) shows understanding. The current information at the wm2006 helpline is that they will deviate from the previous practice, because it disadvantages too many ticket holders. The oc is currently considering new rules.

A little bit about it can be found on the official pages of the wm2006:

Neither the ticket holder nor anyone else is entitled to transfer the ticket or the rights resulting from it to third persons without the prior written consent of the oc. The oc will refuse its consent only for factual reasons.

Wm2005: general ticket terms and conditions

And further:

In particular, the consent may be refused if there are indications that the ticket holder or the third party

– intends to transfer the ticket to persons who have been excluded from attending football matches for security reasons, – intends to resell the ticket, – intends to transfer or use the ticket for advertising, marketing, as a bonus, giveaway, prize or as part of an unauthorized hospitality or travel package.

Wm2005: general ticket terms and conditions

But how to make sure now that harald l. Does not have just this in mind? If this consideration comes up, one automatically asks oneself, if the oc and the others involved in the wm2006 have so few personnel. After the data striptease of all, what would speak against a simple commission or a committee, in front of which the present and the future ticket holder would declare themselves?? Then harald’s norwegian and german friends simply appear, with all the necessary documents in their hands, from birth certificate, police driving and health certificate to the lie detector result (which shows no intention of giving the card to a fan), in their pockets the current stool and blood sample, and answer the questions of the committee, which then decides whether this is an exchange to be approved or rejected. A few tips and tricks on appropriate questions could be found in articles about the 1950s in the usa.

However, since the oc does not have such practices in mind, it will be necessary to consider under what circumstances it will be left to the world not to be a guest of friends after all. And therefore, those who already have practical reasons for an exchange, which are not related to the death or serious illness of the actual ticket holder, should not submit their applications before the beginning of next year. Until now, these requests have been accepted, but a decision on them can only be made after the oc has established new guidelines. The oc has now announced that a yet-to-be-created oc portal for the exchange of cards will go online on. February 2006 will go online. Exact details are not yet known – neither in terms of the portal nor in terms of the reasons that are or are not recognized for exchange.

So for someone like harald l. Only one thing: hope that the decision-making process will take place in time and that there will be no "before the game is after the game"" applies.