Ex-girlfriend raises stalking allegations against wolfsburger

Ex-girlfriend raises stalking allegations against wolfsburger

Is it about Relations, usually only know the parties, what really happened. To the problem this becomes, if Crimes stand in the room and it for existing Accusations no Witnesses gives. This was also the case with the trial against a 33-year-old man who was charged with violating the Protection against violence law was accused. It was testimony against testimony. The trial ended with a Acquittal.

The Prosecution had accused him of having committed a crime on 27. December 2019 vs. 18.50 o'clock with the car at his former Life companion to have driven past and to have called her a "slut" from the moving car. Due to a judicial Settlement before the district court Wolfsburg he was however forbidden, Contact to the 29-year-old.

The defendant denied the accusation

The judge read out the settlement, which showed that both of the Parties committed themselves not to mutually Contact record. In addition, the 33-year-old was forbidden to join the apartment to approach the 29-year-old or to visit her workplace to visit. Back in March, the Negotiation against the man instead of. Because at that time it was already testimony against testimony and the accused still had a Witnesses named, this was loaded and the process now again again rolled up.

The accused denied the Allegation of a crime again. He reported, with his former partner almost four years of Relationship To have led and separated from it in September 2019. Afterwards it is for their part with accusations also the police had suddenly appeared in front of his door. "People have tried to contact me after Separation the life to the Hell to make," he said.

The witness confirmed the statements of the accused

In the first hearing, the defendant had told the court his Cell phone presented, with which he was charged by Google with his movements let record. According to this Data he wants to have gone off in the early evening at his then home address and just a few minutes later at a Buddy have arrived. With this it had itself then until shortly before Midnight held up.

The 58-year-old buddy now confirmed before Court, that the 33-year-old will be able to win it on 27. December and had to play against 17.30 clock had come to him. Then the two men together would have Beer drank and Dart played until they finally won the darts world championship in the Television would have looked at together.

The ex-girlfriend describes the evening quite differently

The 29-year-old described the Situation completely different. She said that the defendant was in the Pace passed by her and had a good run out of the open Window called out "bitch. "I have the Car recognized that Face seen, I have the Voice recognized," she said. The 29-year-old reported that she had a Stalking diary led her to the Victim counseling have advised.

That there are a number of other Criminal charges given on the part of the woman, who was however Prosecutor's Office were set, reported the Prosecutor. "Here's a longer interpersonal problem arose," he summarized. "There are two opposite statements. I have not Clues for the fact that the witness Untruth said. Objective Evidence missing."

Therefore, he had no other choice but to Acquittal for the Defendant to apply. This request was joined by the Defenders to.