In the test: skoda fabia combi 1.2 tsi

Munich, 26. July 2016 – even in its first edition, the fabia was the exact opposite of funky. A straightforward type just, bells and whistles were never his thing. With the equipment line "monte carlo" skoda tries to loosen up the down-to-earth style a bit, which looks like the combination of a pair of colorful shoes with a dark gray double-breasted suit including a dark gray tie. The fabia combi does not deserve this, as it has won over many buyers with its stylish appearance.

Good use of space

The equipment does not change the basic quality of the car. Like the larger octavia and superb station wagons, the fabia is a car that offers very good use of space. At 4.26 m, it is almost as long as the current vw golf to the millimeter. It offers 380 liters of luggage space, the fabia station wagon 530, if no spare wheel is ordered. But even with this tire, skoda claims 505 liters, surpassing even a current opel astra sports tourer. Clearly, the fabia combi makes a lot out of its limited possibilities. The skoda surpasses the astra in other respects as well. The variable loading floor, which is currently not available for the opel station wagon, always costs an extra 140 euros in the fabia, but can be operated with a flick of the wrist. In addition, the carpet is easy to clean.

It’s also clear that skoda can’t do magic. When it comes to passenger space, it quickly becomes clear that the fabia is a small car, albeit a comparatively coarse one. Long-legged drivers would like a wider adjustment range towards the rear. Since no one can sit in the rearmost position of the front seats in the rear anyway, skoda was able to free up the last few centimeters as well. Even more consequently, a sliding backseat bench solved the problem – it’s a pity that this is generally offered so rarely.

The visual design of the dashboard is free of visual gimmicks. Almost all functions can be accessed easily, the rest within a very short time. The whole car seems so well thought out. The instrument cluster provides information at a glance, which ford, for example, could take a look at on occasion. The cruise control is always ready to receive when switched on once and does not have to be reactivated every time you drive the car.

Hysterical with humidity

The rain sensor didn’t work: even set to the least sensitive level, the fabia wipes hysterically when the humidity rises and doesn’t stop even when the wiper blades squeal mercilessly for help. We no longer believe that this is an isolated fault, since other recent skoda test cars have exhibited similar behavior.