Indonesian atheists threaten five years imprisonment for god lightness

The basis of the premieges collected by the ULEMA religious waxes is a Facebook posting

The 31-year Alexander A. Works at the local development planning worker Bappeda in Indonesian Pulau Punjung in the west of Sumatra Island. In his leisure, the Facebook page believed by him moderated Ateis Minang (Minang-Atheist), on which he shall absorb the for European conditions since Ludwig Feuerbach not further remarkable message "God does not exist" posted.

Now he is in custody of the police of Dharmasraya district. While this means the mapping serve mainly the protection A.s (which was mostly attacked by a religious MOB in his Buro), but also confesses that it is also determined against him because of a survey of the blasphemy ban in Article 156a of the Indonesian Criminal Code. There, it is said that up to five years of prison will be punished, who performs an opinion aubert or an act in the public "Hatred" or a recognized religion "sturdled".

Indonesian atheists threaten five years imprisonment for God Lightness

Religions in Indonesia. Map: Telepolis.

The freedom of belief made by the Pancasila principle allows in Indonesia only monotheistic religions, for which pragmatically Hinduism and Buddhism are expected. Many Dayak, Papua and other minorities are officially leading as Christians or Muslims, even if they attach in their ideas and use the respective popular beliefs. In addition, a considerable part of the han atheists, which are mainly settling in the city, formally the status of Christians. Alexander A. however, (despite his first name), not this group, but the Minang, an approximately seven million-paying mountain volcod from Westernumatra, who accepted Islam, but needed as a matrilineares inheritance right.

Police Commander Chairul Aziz shared the Jakarta Globe on request, the fact of the blasphemy is in the fall Alexander A.s probably therefore for it, because the atheist tried to prove his statement in the meanwhile no longer accessible message with quotes from the Koran, making it the Islam "sturdled" have. Behind the allegations are Aziz, according to the Ulema Religion Teacher Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia – MUI) and other Islamic organizations. Wool recommendations of the Indonesian Religion Department and the religious resistance of Westumatra wait and then decide if A. is officially charged or not.

Ifdhal Kasim, the chairman of the Indonesian Human Rights Commission Komnas Ham, made aware that the ULEMA Council is not a state institution and appealed to the police, to remain neutral and not subjectively interpret the law. In the Indonesian Web, however, the opinion is shared: on the one hand, sacular Indonesians call on to confess themselves especially for non-bra because the aggregates could not lock everyone, on the other, the Facebook page Gerakan 10,000 Urang Minang Memblokir Ateis Minang collects Religious support in the half-moon train against the detainees.

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