Leonhardstrabe will be 4.60 meters narrower

Leonhardstrabe will be 4.60 meters narrower

Leonhardstrasse becomes narrower. The city will sell a section of up to 500 square meters to Borek Immobilien GmbH, which will build an integrative living, learning and working quarter south of Leonhardstrasse, on the former Reiterstaffel site.

For the striking corner building planned there at the intersection of Leonhardstrasse and Altewiekring (sketch), the investor needs a section of the current footpath, as has only now become known. And that has consequences for the future cross-section of the entire street between Altewiekring and Kurze Strabe: according to the plans, it will only have one directional lane outward and inward of the city in the future.

The planning and environment committee has now approved the project. In this regard, an urban development contract is to be concluded with the investor shortly.

At the moment the Leonhardstrabe has two lanes out of town. But the city sees no problem in the "slimming" of the road in the generously designed confluence area to the ring road. The road will have less traffic importance in the future. In this respect it will only be adapted to this new meaning.

How does the street look in the future?

– The currently three existing lanes will be reduced to two and narrowed by a total of 4.60 meters: the northern one by one meter. It will be 3.50 meters wide in the future. The southbound lane will be 3.60 meters narrower and will be 3.25 meters wide in the future.

– Among other things, this will make room for a 2.20-meter-wide parking lane in the north and for widening the bike lane there to 2.35 meters in the future.

– In return, the currently 7-meter-wide tree-lined walkway to the north will be significantly narrower. It will be only 5.40 meters wide in the future.

– The sidewalk in the south will be reduced from 4.30 to 3 meters in the future.

– In addition, the signposted cycle path will be omitted here. In future, there will be a 1.85-meter-wide bicycle lane on the roadway.

How high are the costs?

The cost of reconstructing the road is 320,000 euros. A not inconsiderable part is borne by the total of 90 property and road owners who are liable to pay contributions. Condominium owners of the street, which will be asked to pay the costs under the contribution statute. The road was due for redevelopment anyway.

– It is still unclear who will bear the cost of relocating various underground lines (electricity, street lighting, traffic lights, water telecommunications), as well as the implementation of overhead power lines, lighting poles and the traffic management system. The city ames that the costs for the pipeline relocations will be borne by the pipeline owners or. Users to be taken over. That is legally resp. Contractually determined to be so. According to the city, this also applies to the telecommunications companies (Telekom, Kabel Deutschland and BCC), which are "consequentially liable" under the Telecommunications Act, i.e.: have to bear the costs of laying the lines. Telekom, however, sees it differently, says.