Mh17: jit wants to have a witness for the launch of the buk rocket

MH17: Jit wants to have a witness for the launch of the buk rocket

Image: Bonanza Media

After the Hollandi secret service was not an application-proof BUK system near if the lactic documents are authentic, the JIT had at least very unilaterally constructed the prosecution

Has the joint investigation team (JIT), which to identify the guilty for the launch of the Malaysian passenger machine via the Ostukraine and claim against them, made a decisive step? In Russian and Ukrainian media was quickly picked up what the outgoing chief investigator Fred Westerbeke said in an interview with the US channel CBS. When asked if there are witnesses for the launch of the rocket on the MH17, Westerbeke replied: "Yes". But did not want to say if there are only one or more witnesses: "I was said, we have a witness."

Update 13:30: According to media reports, there are a total of 13 witnesses of the indictment whose identity is kept secret to protect them because they "Obligable risks" be exposed.

A person who explains he has the launch of the buk rocket, which after the jit of the 53. Summer Air Distance Brigade should be seen, seen, was not very convincing. All people in the nearer environment had to have the noise at the start. However, there are some witnesses that speak of them had seen at the time of the launch of Ukrainian fighter aircraft in the air. This also reported a witness to a Dutch investigator, the record of the interrogation was broken down. He also excited skepticism towards a photo, on which supposedly the smoke track of the ascending rocket on a cloudless sky is seen, during it on the 17. July was covered.

However, this information was not used by JIT, which basically sought only the hypothesis to verify that the launch by a buk on the area controlled by the separatists. In the CBS movie, it is also referred to the departed telephone language, which come from the little reliable Ukrainian intelligence service. After an exemplary report not refuted to my knowledge, the analysis of a forensic institute in Malaysia should have been manipulated.

The separatists had a buk system, but that was not missionable

Given this Bonanza Media of Max van der Werff and Yana Yerlashova, who financed on their own and donates finances an investigative exploration and have initial documents that have them in themselves, they should be authentic, whereas nothing to speak Seems (Linked Documents Near Doubts on Jit. Brickly published English catching a report from Generalmaj ONNO Eichelsheim, director of the Dutch militar intelligence Mivd, of 21. September 2016 to the prosecutor. Thereafter, at the time of the launch, there were no Ukrainian and Russian Buk systems in the region, which had been able to meet the machine because of its reach. Eichelsheim also refers to information from partners (video).

The report in Dutch was now jelly. The secret service MIVD did not want to take care of the authenticity and referred to the JIT, which does not want to go on and refer to the upcoming process, the on the 9. Marz will start.

On Tuesday, Max Van der Werff and Yana Yerlashova presented another document of the Dutch Militarge Service from the same day. Here is the speech again with reference to partner organizations from that there is a buk system north of Donetsk in the near the fallace of the 11. Assorted until 22 July (Kiltseva Doroha, Donetsk Oblast). But it had been a radar and firing system that was so desormed, in particular the electronic part that it was not missionable.

Eichelsheim refers to photos of the destructed system on the Internet. Before the first press conference of the JIT on 28. September 2016, there were reports created by the Dutch Intelligence Service with partner organizations that there is no proof that MH17 may have been shot down by a Buk system. Apparently there was no information as to whether a buk system has been brought over the border. The JIT nevertheless reported without reference to the findings that MH17 was shot down by a Russian Buk rocket, fired from the separatist area (the separatists were).

MH17: Jit wants to have a witness for the launch of the buk rocket

The BUK system designed by the Dutch Militarge service in the near Donetsk.

Australian police with doubts about BellingCat portrays pictures

In addition to the co-made telephone languages procured by the SBU, BellingCat information is essential to the information of BellingCat, which without roughly paying attention to the authenticity of images and to prefers forensically, pictorial proofs for the transport of the Buk system from Russia and chat present. Why the Jit not only accepts a forensic lay group, which is anything but independent, as a key source of investigation, is a question, one more important thing is why no forensic examination of the image material has been presented.

That’s astonishing, especially because the Australian police in a report to the JIT of July 2015, some of the images described by BellingCat as evidence for the transport of the Buk system designed images as manipulated, especially as the original pictures are missing. In the four pictures studied, the metadata had been changed, with high probability they were not from the time of MH17 launch. So the geocoordinates are missing.

In the CBS broadcast also eliatic Higgins, the land of BellingCat, too speakers. He says BellingCat "with certainty" demonstrated that the buk missile from Kursk. From the pictures, which sometimes look at the Australian police as manipulated, go to Higgins that a rocket lacked in the allegedly backrest Buk Transporter. Andy Kraag says Jit, that was decisive at that time. You have learned a lot from Bellingcat, but that’s just a layer, "Because we have to establish evidence that stood in court. We also have witnesses, forensic evidence etc." You will see in the process what the JIT has to offer in court prayers and how it can not clear that some not-matched investigations were not considered with the pleading direction.

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