Millennium cathedral – the new labor experience

Year of thousands of millennium should help the nation unite

If the evening of the 31. December 1999 the watches in Greenwich jump to 00:00 and begins the new millennium of Christian era, then Bebenda, at Zeromeridian in Greenwich, to take place the bigest millennium party of the whole world. Venue will be a place in front of the Millennium Cathedral, a gigantic dome roof, under which the Wembley Stadium had twice. At the end of February, the Labor government for the first time became more concrete tarpaulin in the Royal Albert Hall "Cathedral" the openness presented.

Millennium Cathedral - The New Labor Experience

Model of the Millenium Dome

What came to the foremost, offers such a lot of attacks, that it only allzed goods, this project rhetorically in the ground and floor pound. The Gigantomania of the project, the costs, the marketing rhetoric of its creators, the questioned quality of the design, the desolate social conditions in the "flexible" Market economy of the United Kingdom and the suspicion of an essential content-related emptiness, which could not be extended despite elaborately packaged presence spells, offer numerous options, with sharpened feather into the soap bubble Millennium Cathedral. These options were already extensively perceived in advance of the British press and skepticism and cynicism experienced a new high point after the presentation. (see Z.B. The controversial article "Back to the Future with Dome of the Seventies, The Guardian, 25.02.1998)

But somehow I just seemed to blow the same horn. Not because I was afraid into the faction of eternal by Tony Blair in his speech to the project printer "cynic" and "Hedge wear" to be placed, which were only pessimistic of every ambition. And not because it is clear despite all the journalistic Giftzjecting, that the event is whether its pure grave and the power of the spectacle will be a success. It seems to me that there are fundamental questions that are raised again and again in the context of cultural coarse events and which turn around the relationship between state, culture (in the broadest sense), economy and burger.

Similar questions accompany the orientation of the EXPO 2000 in Hanover and became accompanying the "Grands Traveaux", the fun cultural architectural coarse projects in the Paris of the Eighties already discussed. It is about national identity, the question of the importance of the nation in the age of progressive globalization and the cultural values, for which a nation is. Actually, so we thought goods this topic has already been shotfolded. Slurry with the landmark of national identification, from Basta, lid on it. But now we are experiencing the British variant of it.

Facts and Figures

Millennium Cathedral - The New Labor Experience

Themse island with Millenium Dome

New Labour has inherited the cathedral of the previous Tory government. Already in 1994, the idea of a national exhibition accompanying the millennium turnover, in 1996 the peninsula of Greenwich set as a venue. The place itself was a stucco contaminated urban brachland until the start of construction. After the election in May 1997, the newly elected Labor government underwent the project of a congress and decided in June 1997 to make the matter. Peter Mandelson, unloved "Minister without portfolio", became a special project manager. The exporting management company, which is 100 percent in state ownership, was in "New Millennium Experience" rapted. (The question of whether one goes up "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" Referen, but remained unanswered.To)

Thus, a signal was set to the start of the previously leached project and Tony Blair gave 5 leading maxims:

  1. the "Experience" Should be a permanent leisure
  2. Design and content of the exhibition should be completely handled and a "Window in the future" represent
  3. the "Experience" should focus on the whole nation, include a strong educational element and put accents in information technology
  4. The managment structure of the carried out society should be increased to give her more weight and assertive posts
  5. The project should not cost the taxpayer penny

The financing of the project is carried out by a claim from the funds of state lottery in the high of 399 million pounds Sterling (CA. 1.2 billion DM). Another 359 million pounds should be taken by sponsoring, ticket sales, accompanying commercial revenue and merchandising.

The Cathedral is a draft of Richard Rogers partner. It is a round dome construction with 320 m diameter and 50 m high on the highest point. The construction itself is held by ZWOLL 100 M high steel carriers (which are already available) and be braced by more than 70 km of super strong steel cables. This is currently the biggest structure of his type around the world.

The roof itself will consist of two layers (to avoid condensation) of self-cleaning special web glass. The steel carrier is a lifespan of 60 years, the roof of one of 25 years ago, whereby these periods should be significantly reduced by appropriate maintenance.

The project is accompanied by infrastructural projects, especially in the field of transport and traffic,. The long-term expansion of the Jubilee Extension subway line is to be driven forward, the Station Greenwich Nord is expanded to the large subway station of Europe. Thus, there is a urgent needed north sud compound via the Thames more. A ship’s dock is created, park Ride places and connections to the railway network are considered.

2500 to 5000 new workplaces are to be created in a city region, which pays to the arms in the UK. Between 1991 and 1993 alone are at the 10.000 Workplaces lost in manufacturing companies in Greenwich area. In addition to the revenue directly achieved, an economic broadcast effect is expected from a billion pound of additional tourist revenues. Calculations are based on 12 million visitors, but this number is considered "careful appraisal" Designated and actually awaits you more. Alone 12 – 15 million British currently speculate with a visit to the cathedral.

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