“Murder without a body” in liebenburg – defendant remains silent

Briefly, their eyes meet in the large jury courtroom of the Braunschweig Regional Court. A second, then she looks away to her two sons. Here is the woman whose husband disappeared without a trace months ago. There their possibly longtime lover, who is the missing person, his best friend, killed insidiously should have. It is the prelude in the circumstantial trial about a murder without a body.

Defendant was close family friend

Since the 13. April will be Karsten M. from Liebenburg missed. The Braunschweig public prosecutor's office ames that Martin G., a 50-year-old federal police officer, him murdered and has hidden the body. G. was a close friend of the M family., Helped with the renovation of the house, was in the same sports club as the sons. Even on the day of the disappearance of Karsten M. (51) he was with them.

In the preliminary proceedings, the 50-year-old denied any involvement, says the prosecutor's office. G remains silent in court. so far. His right as a defendant. But for the children of the missing man and his wife, who appear as joint plaintiffs in the proceedings, the silence is probably unbearable.

Martin G. According to the indictment, on 13. April early in the morning in the dark garden of the family in the Liebenburger district Grob Dohren have hidden. Just a few meters away, the alleged victim is making herself breakfast in the kitchen. The accused had lured outside, the public prosecutor carries. And there he had tried to kill the 51-year-old with a gun. A punch or stabbing weapon it is said to have been, possibly a pistol crossbow, the G. is said to have previously ordered. Karsten M. collapsed unconscious. That he had to take blood-thinning medication was known to his closest friend. Then G. drove the seriously injured away.

The car of Karsten M. Was discovered three days later in Hanover at the Dutch Pavilion. On the back seat made chemicals much Blood visible, which had been wiped away. Karsten M. has disappeared to this day. That he is still alive is impossible in view of the amount of blood found, says Braunschweig public prosecutor's office.

Did he want to get the competitor out of the way?

The authority believes: the accused led a secret love affair with the wife of the missing person since 2016. But she did not want to leave her husband, it is said. G. on the other hand she had wanted to marry – and therefore got the competitor finally out of the way.

Before his arrest on 18. May the police questioned Martin G. only as witnesses. "I had the impression he didn't want to talk to us," interrogating officer says in court. For the fact that its best friend was missing, had G. appeared very little emotionally, as the police officer noted. However, both were wearing mouth guards during the conversation. The officer also found it strange that G. his birthday two days after the disappearance of Karsten M. with his family celebrated.

The defense accuses the Goslar police of having already suspected their client at that time. "But then he should have been advised of his rights as a defendant." This would have included the right to remain silent and to consult a lawyer.

Witness heard argument between men on night in question

A neighbor was also heard as a witness in court. In the alleged night of the murder she had woken up by a quarrel between two men, which took place behind the house of the family M. is supposed to have happened to him. "I could not understand anything. But it ended abruptly." Shortly after, she heard a groan, "like someone lifting something," and the sliding door of a car.

Years ago, the defendant allegedly took a lost ID card while working as a federal police officer at Hanover airport. The document, it is alleged, he had used on several occasions to cover his tracks.

Witness: defendant spoke about the "perfect crime"

What happened to Karsten M. happened, is to be clarified on nine further trial days. In the further course also articles, which the 50-Jahrige is to have bought after the act in different hardware stores, are likely to be of interest. About lawn stones, steel mats, construction fence elements, concrete feet as well as rolls of barbed wire. As to what he did with it, Martin gave G. the investigators no information. A verdict is expected in February 2022 at the earliest.

Years ago, G. At a birthday party about the "perfect crime" spoken, reports a neighbor. "You just have to be smart about it," G had said. said. "He sounded as if he wanted to say: I know how to do that."But a saying alone does not make a murderer.