Nasa contract: nokia to set up mobile network on moon

While people in some places in Germany are despairing about mobile phone network coverage, this could be the case on the Moon look different in the future.

The Finnish telecommunications company Nokia is to be given a different look by the U.S. space agency Nasa The company has been commissioned to build a mobile communications network on the moon. This was announced by Nokia on Monday. For the first time ever, an LTE/4G communication system is to be set up in space. He said this should help pave the way towards a permanent human presence on the lunar surface.

Nasa wants to send a woman to the moon for the first time

The goal, he said, is to have the network up and running by the end of 2022. The company is collaborating with the U.S. space company Intuitive Machines. Of course, a mobile network on the moon is of little use without users – but those are also taken care of. As part of the "Artemis" program Nasa wants to send astronauts to the moon again by 2024. Then, for the first time, a woman is also expected to set foot on the Earth's satellite.

Nokia to enable settlement on the moon

By the end of the decade, Nasa plans to start building a permanent settlement on the moon to explore it even more than before. Nokia's network would be used to create communication opportunities with reliable and high transmission rates. For example, lunar vehicles could be controlled remotely and high-definition video could be streamed.

In addition, this would allow for real-time navigation. These things are crucial for humans to have a long-term presence on the moon, Nokia said. For Nasa, all this should ultimately provide insights for the next big step: sending astronauts on the Mars.