The jackhammers are rattling in the burg passage

The jackhammers are rattling in the burg passage

People sit in front of the Tchibo store, drinking their coffee with pleasure and chatting. And the jackhammers are already rattling in the background. It is still unclear when the Burgpassage will close its doors and demolition will begin. "There is still no agreement with Tchibo. We are still looking for a solution," says Gunter Kohnlein from the client Development Partner. It is amed that the demolition will begin in August. "First of all, the existing facilities and lines will be removed. It will take three to four weeks. Then comes the wrecking ball."

And exactly here questions arise for reader Detlef Lange. How one imagines the guidance of the building site traffic during the demolition and the new building work? Considerable disruptions are to be expected, especially for the neighboring stores.

What does the builder say?

The builder Development Partner does not want to exclude this. However, comprehensive logistics concepts have been worked out and coordinated with the city administration, says Kohnlein. How exactly the traffic and also the building work itself would be regulated, about this one would still inform in due time comprehensively. "This is a highly sensitive ie that we cannot decide on our own," Kohnlein asks for understanding.

What about the last stores?

During the two and a half years of construction work, the two telephone stores (Telekom and O²), which have their entrance from Schuhstrabe, will remain open.

Different for the bookstore "Pfankuch. It is only accessible this week via the Burgpassage. "From Monday, we must have cleared the entrance area," says managing director Ralf Harrendorf. A wall would be pulled there. "Our back entrance at the Kleine Burg will then become the VIP entrance."In the store itself, the assortment will have to be "narrowed down a bit" and in some places also restricted. "Hopefully, we will succeed cautiously and in the right places."The demolition work is anything but happy, you can read on information leaflets for the customers. It endangers, it says, "the habitat of the common box elder".

Will the customers find the back entrance? Harrendorf is not so sure. One will see. The construction work dragged on for two and a half years. "I don't know if we can hold out that long under these conditions."

And what about the protection of historical monuments?

As far as the permission for the intervention in parts of the facade is concerned, this has still not been obtained. "But it should reach us shortly," explains Gunter Kohnlein. It is about the preservation of the 1887 by architect F. Roper designed neo-Renaissance facade at Hutfiltern 8 and facades at the entrance Schuhstrabe. They are under monument protection.