Wire spoke act

Wire spoke act

Las palmas (e), 20. February 2015 – fruher hieb enduro: "gelandal motorcycle with low weight, long spring trails and a robust suspension". The engine power scratched in extreme cases at the 50-hp brand, but it has reached the spab in the grandfather and the sahara tour. Today, most of them under "enduro" understand a giant travel iron, much too unwieldy fur courses real bands. Like the suvs on the car market, they have been booming for years and the manufacturers bidding each other with ever new models. The youngest sensation in terms of travel enduro comes from ktm.

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Ironically, the easter-rich brand, whose slogan "ready to race" has brought her forward in the sports enduro and motocross area, brings a travel company to the market, which could become a mabboat in terms of performance, electronics and comfort.

With the 1190 adventure, ktm has been an impressive 150-horsepower bike at the start for two years, which hardly wan. Now the brand wants to show what’s going on. The 1290 super adventure is like the porsche cayenne turbo s among the motorcycles: incredible a lot of power, but thanks to chunky electronics lamb fram and subequem. Unless the driver lays down to explore his limits (almost always below the possibilities of the vehicle), then the device develops an incredible momentum. The 75-degree v2 engine with 1301 cm3 of the super adventure has piston in saucers dimensions and comes from the ktm 1290 super duke, which bears the potted names "the beast".

For the super adventure, the performance of 180 was reduced to 160 hp. For this she got new cylinder heads with optimizing in- and outlet channels, the crankshaft received two kilograms more flying mass and engine management has been newly matched. The pistons have the box-in-box structure as used in formula 1, and although they have grown in diameter, weigh 47 grams per stucco less than their counterparts in the 1190s. The development goal for the 1290 was an even better drivingability in the lower speed range and mountains of torque.