“Anne will”: “tyranny of the unvaccinated” – comes compulsory vaccination?

The fourth Corona wave is building almost simultaneously with the end of the epidemic emergency: On 25. November, the exceptional situation is to end, the Bundestag had previously extended it several times. Meanwhile, in Saxony, the 2G rule is in effect statewide, and other states could follow suit by the end of the month. "Is that still enough to break the fourth wave??", asks moderator Anne Will her guests at the Corona Talk. "Or do we ultimately need compulsory vaccination after all?"

It may be due to Will's clear questioning that deep political rifts form right at the beginning of the show – first and foremost between the Green Party faction leader Katrin Goring-Eckardt and Markus Soder, the CSU chairman and Minister President of Bavaria.

Goring-Eckardt, the proponent of the Notlagen-Endes is, announces comprehensive Anpangen of the measures. "I'm not convinced yet," Soder, who is on the line,

World Medical Association chief: "Experiencing a tyranny of the unvaccinated"

First, however, also straddles Frank Ulrich Montgomery into the Green Party politician's announcement: "I don't see an end to the pandemic situation," the head of the World Medical Association.

He calls for uniform measures adapted to developments without political ulterior motives. But the population itself also bears responsibility when it comes to gaining freedoms: "We are experiencing a tyranny of the unvaccinated, who rule over the two-thirds of the vaccinated," Montgomery judges. In countries with higher Vaccination rates there are less restrictive measures.

Also Markus Soder expresses his despair in view of the still numerous people who are willing to be vaccinated. "I simply don't understand all the arguments against vaccination," complains state premier.

Addressed to the below-average vaccination quota in its federal state, he explains, one can make it easy and argue that in Bavaria there are particularly many lateral thinking gives. Then he shoots in the direction of Goring-Eckhardt: "We also have many of their supporters, of the esotericists." The Green politician smiles mildly: "We are team science."

Proposal of the ethics council chairwoman: Is a vaccination premium coming soon?

Against the background that lateral thinkers have meanwhile attacked medical and nursing staff on several occasions and that the coronavirus is currently spreading rapidly again, CSU man Soder expresses concern: in the past, the most important question was when the Vaccine comes, he muses. Today it is the, how one brings this to the people.

The chairwoman of the German ethics advice has for it a suggestion, which might change actually so some vaccination-doubters minds. There is robust data that people who are unvaccinated now are likely to remain so, explains Alena Buyx.

For this it would need now concrete offers: direct invitations and addresses, Vaccination dates, distributed directly to the people. And perhaps even further incentives: "So no bratwurst, but a vaccination premium," says Buyx.

Anne Will – More information about the talk show host

Montgomery and Soder want to take more decisive action against this: They call for a Vaccination obligation for certain occupational groups, Soder also a right for employers to know the vaccination status of their employees: "There I have no understanding that data protection does not allow that with us."

Goring-Eckardt and Soder engage in an exchange of blows

You can see: The to-do list before the fourth wave has a considerable length. Nevertheless, Soder and Goring-Eckardt do not miss the opportunity to also carry out their party political feuds on Anne Will. The traffic light coalition members had most recently declared that they would not be able to make any changes in the Corona policy to want to drive a different course, the black-red federal government is only managing in office.

Soder already seems less than enthusiastic: the basic measures are there, he explains, but they are not yet enough. They say you have to do more than Spacing and masking requirements to be regulated, including for hospitals and intensive care units: "We need 2G, we need 3G at the workplace," explains Soder. Also rehabilitation of vaccination centers is now necessary, he said.

"It could all have been organized," Goring-Eckardt interjects. In view of the advanced vaccination rate, she believes it would be legally difficult to epidemic situation to extend again. "After all, Mr. Soder has just lost a lawsuit regarding curfews," the Green Party politician teases. Finally, however, it also leads back to the essentials. There are people who are afraid, she says: "And there is partisan political skirmishing here."

It needs now fast solutions, Goring-Eckardt sums up. Soder seems to see it that way, too: "Corona couldn't care less whether there's an old or a new government," he says, summing up the political squabbling. How good it would be if the parties could keep this thrust in practice as well.