Austria: kurz and schallenberg step down from posts

Sebastian Kurz, until a few weeks ago Austrian chancellor, has announced to say goodbye completely from the political world. The 35-year-old announced his resignation as oVP leader in a personal statement on Thursday morning. Only a few hours, the next Austrian chancellor announced his resignation. Also Alexander Schallenberg is stepping down from his post after just under two months, according to a spokesman in Vienna. Schallenberg had succeeded Kurz only in October, after the latter had resigned from office in the wake of a corruption scandal.

His resignation from all offices, which now follows, has several reasons, explained Sebastian Kurz. The decisive factor, however, was his newborn son. When he saw it, Kurz realized "how many beautiful and important things there are outside of politics," the ex-chancellor explained.

The accusations against him also led to the decision, Kurz explained. He said he has "almost had the feeling of being hounded" during his chancellorship." The never-ending Criticism on his person has taken away his passion for the office: "It has diminished in me my own flame," Kurz said.

Sebastian Kurz: accusation of disloyalty has "made flame smaller"

However, Kurz also addressed the Allegations, against him: "I don't want to claim that I did anything wrong," Austria's former chancellor said. "But I have not always lived up to my own standards. I am neither a saint, nor a criminal."

Kurz had resigned as head of government in October after corruption investigators searched the chancellery and the oVP headquarters, among other places. Kurz and some of his close political associates are suspected by prosecutors of circulating manipulated media polls. Public funds are said to have been diverted for this purpose. Among other things, the accusation of Infidelity in the room.

Kurz's successor: Nehammer to become chancellor in Austria

On Friday, Sebastian Kurz will now hand over his posts at a meeting of the oVP federal executive committee. After that, the party would agree on a new chairman. Kurz did not mention any names, but the Austrian daily newspaper "Der Standard" learned from government circles that Interior Minister Karl Nehammer should become chancellor.

Sebastian Kurz is also stepping down as club chairman of the oVP's National Council faction – a role comparable to faction leaders in the German Bundestag. This office will be from Friday August Woginger who will take over as acting head of the parliamentary group since Kurz's resignation.