Banana, cucumber, etc. Now reach the customer in braunschweig

Banana, cucumber, etc. Now reach the customer in braunschweig

A Supermarket in the middle of City, where you can't buy anything, where you can store online from home or from the office, in order to get what you need in a timely manner – just in time, in other words Food To be delivered to the front door. For example, so that you don't have to go to the grocery store around the corner to buy the ingredients for a spontaneously requested lunch dish. In the former KiK-Market at the sun road, corner Guldenstraben store altogether 2.500 products on 90 shelves, which can be ordered at the click of a mouse. In ten minutes at the latest, according to the deal with the provider, the shopping is at home in front of the door.

"We deliver purchases at supermarket prices within a few minutes"

A grocery delivery company called "Flink" has recently been up and running in the former KiK store, a delivery company founded in February 2021 by Julian Dames, Christoph Cordes and Oliver Merkel in Hamburg, Germany, which offers the Food retail to the business model has made. Just different. "We deliver groceries at supermarket prices within minutes," company spokeswoman Milena Trottnow shares about the company's strategy.

Launched in spring 2021, operates "Nimble" currently in already 41 major cities stores. In cooperation with the Rewe retail chain, the product range is being steadily expanded and can already cover a household's entire weekly shopping needs, according to the company. But how does ordering work? According to "Flink" customers order with the so-called Flink app or in the web shop. So-called "riders" (bicycle delivery drivers) permanently employed by Flink then deliver them. They are strikingly dressed in magenta. The delivery costs are 1.80 euros. However, the delivery radius must not exceed two kilometers.

"In Braunschweig, there are certainly users who are willing to take up this convenience offer"

Food delivery – Mark Alexander Krack, managing director of the Harz + Heide retail association, is convinced that this business model will become established, especially in large concentric cities where delivery distances are relatively short. Braunschweig, he says, is a good location. But in Wolfenbuttel, for example, it is already different. In Brunswick there would certainly be users who would accept this convenience offer. Students, for example, people who work in a home office, or are elderly or live alone and want to save themselves the arduous journey through the grocery store shelves, the tiresome lugging of bags and boxes.

However, such a 10-Minuten promise like with ?nimble? is not without, gives Krack to consider ?those put the bar with it already very high?."Ultimately, he said, delivery would practically only be possible with an e-bike. "The drivers couldn't do it any other way. And then there is the question of profitability, "because the drivers also want to be paid properly". For this, Krack said, prices would in principle already have to be somewhat more expensive than in the Food market otherwise it would not work.

Already some grocery stores offer delivery services, Edeka or Rewe for example, "top dog" in online grocery retailing, or Bringmeister, pioneer among online supermarkets since 1997,, launched in Leipzig in 2010, Amazon Fresh (since 2017), or Gorillas, which launched in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg district in June 2020. To name just a few.

"We roll out a new location every two days"

Back to "Flink". In recent months, the company says, business in Germany has "exploded. That is why a strategic partnership has been agreed with the Rewe Group. The market for food deliveries is increasingly shifting to the Internet, even in the face of the pandemic, he said. With the promise of more than 2.Delivering 400 different products to customers in less than 10 minutes, Flink "rolls out a new location every two days" and already reaches more than three million customers. The Consumer showed a high level of loyalty, many would already order twice a week or more.

Flink founder Oliver Merkel is quoted in a press release as saying: "We give people the gift of time. Buying groceries has never been easier. Daily orders are growing explosively."Fast delivery models like Flink are aimed at changing the way Customers think about grocery shopping even further – away from scheduled bulk shopping with an "often frustrating customer experience" to daily shopping with a wide range of products and an "exceptional customer experience with every order".