Braunschweig: fake police officers rob senior citizen of his money

Braunschweig: fake police officers rob senior citizen of his money

The Brunswick Police Investigates another case of commercial gang fraud. According to the report, at around 10 a.m. on Monday morning, an alleged chief detective 86-year-old and reported a burglary in the immediate neighborhood.

In the following arrest a list had turned up, on which also the name of the senior is written. The telephone scammer, it continues, also stated that a Bank employee cooperated with the burglars. To this end, he played the 86-year-old a recording of an "evidence conversation" in which the subject was said to be his bank account.

Braunschweig: Fake policemen lure senior with money in parking lot

The alleged police officer now asked the man for help to convict the fraudulent banker. For this the senior should have five-digit amount withdraw money from his account – a second "official" was in contact with him the entire time on his cell phone.

So after the man had withdrawn the money in the city center, he was asked by the scammers to go on a Supermarket square at the Ziegelkamp in the district Volkmarode to drive. There he should hand over the bills. Among them was allegedly also counterfeit money – for identification, the 86-year-old should announce the individual numbers of the notes by telephone.

Fraud case in Braunschweig: 86-year-old man hands over money to unknown persons

On addressed parking lot handed over the Braunschweiger against 14.45 o'clock finally the money to one him unknown woman. These had indicated the wrong policemen before as contact person. Later, the senior described the woman as follows, according to the statement: Approximately 25 years old, about 1.70 meters tall, slim, European, dressed in tight pants and light jacket. She also spoke High German.

The Wife of the 86-year-old was prevented from contacting others during his absence, according to the statement. She stayed in the shared apartment and was asked by the scammers to maintain the telephone connection via the landline network.

False officials: Braunschweig police investigating – tips requested

When the couple wanted to contact the fake officials again later in the afternoon and could not reach them, they reported to the real police in Braunschweig. Only now did the two realize Victim of a confidence trick had become and had handed over their money to criminals.

The police are now investigating commercial gang fraud. People who have observed the money transfer, suspicious persons or vehicles in the supermarket parking lot in Volkmarode, are asked to report to (0531) 476 2516.