Climate protection a women’s issue?

Climate protection a women's ie?

Luisa Neubauer at the Europafest in Aschaffenburg, 2019. Photo: Andol/CC BY-SA 4.0

Young women can and must now save the world? Comment

Symbolic: Five women talk about climate protection in the chancellor’s office. In the international conference room of her office, the Chancellor receives four climate activists of the Fridays for Future(FFF) movement, the Swede Greta Thunberg, the two Belgians Anuna de Wever and Adelaide Charlier, and the German Luisa Neubauer. The topic is "The question of humanity’s survival", so Angela Merkel 2007 in Gronland in front of melting icebergs.

Icebergs are now melting three times faster than they did back then. Is the topic now also three times more important than when the German chancellor was still considered the climate chancellor?

The impetus for this extraordinary meeting was a letter written by climate activists to European leaders in July. "We are facing an existential crisis", they wrote, "and we cannot buy, build or invest our way out of this crisis". The existing system can’t be fixed. "We need a new system". Almost 125.000 people had signed this letter, among them many celebrities. This was the impetus for the current meeting.

Now the five women among themselves. Patriarchy has caused climate heating in the industrial age. We burn as much coal, gas and oil in one day as nature has accumulated in a million days. Every child learns in school that this energy policy will jeopardize his or her future. And now the representatives of this "Greta generation" the chancellor against the. Can and must young women now save the world?? Together with the German Chancellor?

In the last 14 years, the Chancellor has addressed climate change 14 times in her Saturday video messages. This is how the Suddeutsche Zeitung researched it.

Three times in 2015 alone, when the Paris climate summit demanded that the global climate be reduced by no more than two degrees, better by only 1.5 degrees measured in 1870, may rise. An already goal, but nothing corresponding happened. No government in the world is acting on it yet.

Last year the chancellor spoke five times on Saturday about climate protection. But Germany, too, falls far short of its Paris promises. Scientists say renewables needed to be expanded four times as fast. And the FFF movement demands that politicians finally listen to climate science.

So what can we expect from the meeting at the Chancellor’s Office?

In 2019, the FFF movement brought millions of young protesters to the streets for the climate. Does that help the spectacular meeting in the chancellor’s office?

On the demand for a "new system", says the pragmatic chancellor only "Politics is what is possible". And now? Will everything stay the same, or is more possible in the old system than before?? It is the question of all questions.

Angela Merkel promised the four young women, "to try everything, to be more courageous". Well! But what could that mean in concrete and practical terms??

The Bundestag will pass a new renewable energy law in a few weeks:

No one is preventing the deputies from, to be brave and finally bring renewables back on track instead of slowing them down as the government and parliament in Berlin have done since 2012.

Nobody prevents the Bundestag to do so, to finally abolish climate-damaging subsidies

Nobody prevents the Bundestag from, instead of postponing the coal phase-out to 2038, to commit to 2028 and to start the phase-out immediately, which would not be a problem at all if renewables were expanded rapidly.

This is not a question of the system at all, it is simply a question of courage or cowardice. The system ie must once again serve as a fig leaf.

It lacks the courage

The only thing missing so far is what the chancellor has now promised: Courage. But in the Bundestag there are about two thirds men and only one third women. Perhaps this is the real problem. The "strong" Gender has so far simply been too weak and too cowardly in the face of the interests of the old fossil fuel industry. We need more strong, female energy in all politics as it is visible in Belarus these days. Feminine energy is heib: Non-violent, persistent and therefore successful. Maybe the "Generation Greta".

The old male domination is proving more and more to be a "apocalypse blind" (Gunther Anders). These men simply do not want to imagine what they are doing anymore. 75 years after Hiroshima this is true for the nuclear arms race as well as for the other existential survival question of mankind, the climate heating.

Greta Thunberg after the meeting with Angela Merkel: "We are going in circles. Until the climate crisis is treated like a crisis, we will not create the change we need."

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