Dfb-pk: joachim low's farewell words in the ticker to read on

Dfb-pk: joachim low's farewell words in the ticker to read on

Germany has lost the European Championship round of 16 against England 0:2 (0:0). This marks the end of the era of German coach Joachim Low After 15 years. On Wednesday, the 61-year-old faced questions from journalists once again. The DFB-PK im Ticker to read.

13:31: The DFB-PK ends. Joachim Low says: "Thank you very much." Then he goes.

13:25: "What we have achieved over 2010 to 2017 is a great satisfaction for me. We were benchmark for many. The team played at top level. We have inspired many fans with our style," explains Joachim Low.

13:20: "I'm not interested at the moment to become coach of the Netherlands," says Joachim Low.

13:15: "It was a human disappointment for me when Mesut ozil resigned. But the time will come when we will meet again. Of course Mesut was an important player for this team. The day will come when we will talk," says Joachim Low.

13:12: "I have worked with all dedication for this team. Many, many years ago, when I joined the DFB, I couldn't have imagined being national coach for such a long time. Every tournament was formative. I have done everything for it. I am at peace with myself," declares Joachim Low.

DFB-PK – Joachim Low: "Thomas Muller can handle a situation like this"

13:10: "I have spoken again with Thomas Muller. He said to me: 'Coach, if I had taken the chance, it certainly would not have hurt us.' But I did not blame him. Of course it would have helped us a lot, it would have been the 1:1. Thomas can handle a situation like this," says Joachim Low.

1:07 p.m: "I have not yet thought about my future. I need an emotional distance. I can not grasp a concrete thought. Of course I remain a fan of these players," reports Joachim Low. "I am sure that this team can still achieve a lot."

13:06: "The national team has become like a family to me," says Joachim Low.

13:04: "We are still thinking about a second co-coach, but Hermann Gerland was not a topic then," says Oliver Bierhoff.

DFB-PK – Joachim Low: "With Hansi Flick, I was constantly in contact"

13:02: "I was in constant contact with Hansi Flick. Even now during the tournament we talked on the phone. We know each other very long. A dinner is not planned for the time being. But if he has any questions, I'm available," says Joachim Low.

13:00: 'There have been many difficulties in the last three years'. We have not managed to form this team as it is important for such a tournament," says Joachim Low.

12:56 pm: "This morning I spoke briefly with individuals. No one could find peace in the night after such a game. The disappointment was great. The players will also need a few days. I will keep in touch with some of the players, that's clear. We will meet again. I have many images stored in my heart. But it's not just the results," explains Joachim Low. "In 2014 there were also many moments that were critical. I remember many conversations there. We have experienced a lot. These are moments I will not forget."

12:52: "We have players who are not quite so young anymore. Of course, after such a tournament, there is total disappointment at first. I have not heard from any older player that he wants to step down. It's good to let some time pass. It's important that everyone talks to Hansi Flick first. I wish we could bring in more U21 players again," says Oliver Bierhoff.

DFB-PK – Joachim Low: "But I take absolute responsibility"

12:51 PM: "We now have to find the right mix. But I don't have to discuss a squad with Hansi Flick. He has free choice with all the German players. It's up to the coach which players he selects. Hansi Flick is someone who likes to bring in young games," says Oliver Bierhoff.

12:50 pm: "Some things worked brilliantly at times, other things didn't. We have invested everything in the four weeks, we have thought about it for a long time. The cooperation with the players, with the team was very, very good. To go into detail makes little sense for me now. But I take absolute responsibility," says Joachim Low.

12:48 PM: "The human side will remain, I'm grateful for that," explains Joachim Low.

DFB-PK – Joachim Low: "The responsibility is not always easy"

12:45 p.m: "Over the years I was constantly mentally challenged, I was always tense, I thought about a lot of things. The responsibility is not always easy. There were moments when I didn't think it was so great. After 15 years on the front line, I'm also happy to take a step back," reports Joachim Low. "I have experienced so much. Many tournaments, many games. Maybe in a few years it will not be so decisive whether we lost one game more or less. For me, the journey with the people was decisive. Friendships have developed there. I had a great team. The confidence was great. It was the same with the players."

12:43 PM: "It was important for me to say thank you to everyone," explains Joachim Low. "There were some words to the players and the team, we said goodbye this morning. The players left one by one. I have not planned anything so far. Now I have to get my head around it. Time helps, then I'll see what the next few weeks bring."

12:40 p.m: "Hansi Flick has strong human qualities. We'll sit down over the next few days to go through the plan, how he envisions it," says Oliver Bierhoff. "He has to give the team an identity. We want to have a powerful team again in Qatar."

12:38 PM: "We have good players. We didn't manage to get a certain continuity into our game," explains Oliver Bierhoff. "There were always regressions. At a tournament, other criteria also play a role. I have the feeling that something has grown together again."

DFB-PK – Joachim Low: "I wish my successor all the best"

12:35 p.m: "We had a lot of players in our ranks who don't have that much tournament experience yet. It sometimes takes two or three tournaments for players to reach their top level. Experience will help the team. You also need cold-bloodedness. You need cleverness, coolness, that was missing," says Joachim Low.

12:32: "I wish my successor Hansi Flick all the best," says Joachim Low. He wears a hoodie. DFB Director Oliver Bierhoff Sitting on the podium with Joachim Low. "It hurts a lot," says Bierhoff. "We are not satisfied. Our aspiration is to be among the best. That's where we want to go."

12:30 pm: The DFB-PK with Joachim Low begins.

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