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Are you ready to go?

Portals are currently the Renner to win on the web strategic positions for the expected e-commerce. After Aol purchased Unlangst Netscape and its NetCenter, Disney went to the net with a new portal now. Now, Go is just a trial version, but at the beginning of the next year, the new access to the Internet will be officially opened if the bugs are eliminated.

The purchase of Starwave was preceded by the Microsoft Communist Paul Allen in April 1998 and a complicated deal with InfoSeek in June this year. Disney acquired a 43 percent share of the 900 million dollar-dollar search engine and added $ 90 million to Cash, daring InfoSeek over $ 150 million for the application of the new website in Disney offers spending. Even though Go with news, search options, stock prices, chat rooms, email, weather reports or personalization offers not much other as the other portals, such as Yahoo, AOL or MSN, offers just the possibilities of the Disney Group, for the new one Offer on broad and unuitable front also to advertise outside the network, considered attractive: "Disney guards ABC, and you can use the transmitter to apply the Go network", Says Bill Bass of Forrester Research. "Not only do you have television, but also film studios and theme parks. Go will be advertised in Disney World, Disney movies on Disney cruise ships. This is an advertisement that you can not buy."

Even if the other portals do not yet get profits, Disney Chief Michael Eisner said that no choice had been elected to occupy the position on the Web: "We want", so icener in the short break in an interview, "be an important company. I do not want our company to go with the railway market, while people fly in airplanes." Eisner believes that Go, in contrast to the other portals, an advantage through the "Contents" I have that with ABC, ABC News, ESPN.COM, MR. Showbiz, Family, NBA, Celebsite or Wall of Sound has been available and summarized on the website. There is also the offers from Disney itself. Who then under the category "Kids" Seek, especially on Disney. One wants to keep his sheep on his own site and had most likely that the portal is like a huge leisure or shopping park behind closed walls, from which a few left exports.

Without a separate portal, Disney seems to have found that people, if they have experienced their information, no longer surpasses their information. The Disney sites of about 20 million internet users are still visited monthly (in October came to Disney online 5 million, to ESPN.COM 4.5 million or to ABC News 2.7 million visitors). You are still stressed at GO and seems to be the much scattered community once again, because "weather" Do all want all the same: "We love, like you, the internet. We love his diversity and the way it helps us with possibilities that we never have kept it possible. It surprises us every day with his overflow offered. Sometimes we can even make us heroes in our lives. Go Network was made for people like us. It is the only place where you find the best on the internet in a place … Our goal is to easily make life by creating a site where everything you need is on a single, comfortable place to use."

You promise to preserve the privacy of the visitors and no information to sell to third parties. The trust logo is already attached. Something clean in front of pornography you want to keep GO too, but the search engine leads all in turn to the diligent kingdom. Who adds the appropriate, but always receive a warning.

With the slogan "Are you ready to go?" If you obviously want to look at the saying, with Microsoft advertises: "Where Do You Want To Go Today?" The competition of the giants becomes a stucco harder with go.

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