Disturbances in the matrix

A weird interview with the "Deputy Defense Minister" the "Donetsk People’s Republic", while the propaganda war rages in Ukraine

A fighter of militia of the "Donbass Battalion" reported on Facebook early yesterday that in contrast to the soon to be announced victory over the separatists, the fighting had intensified again in the last few days. And he refers to the claim of the new head of the "Donetsk People’s Republic", Alexander Zakharchenko that 1200 new fighters trained in Russia to the "People’s Republic" had come. In addition, 30 tanks and 150 armored vehicles were expected, the latter had said, and also in the video message spoke of Ukrainian soldiers defecting and that militias and Ukrainian forces were also fighting each other. According to Itar-Tass, 17 Ukrainian soldiers apparently escaped into Russia on Saturday in the border area, and were then allowed to re-enter Ukraine at a secure border post.

Alexander Zakharchenko

How much of this is propaganda to discourage the Ukrainian side is hard to verify. However, if the leader of the Right Sector has just now ied an ultimatum to Ukrainian President Poroshenko, threatening to withdraw fighters from the ranks of the Right Sector, then this speaks for the fact that the situation in the combat zones could just be critical. This is also evidenced by Ukrainian Aubenminister Klimkin’s request for direct "militaristic help" yesterday in the run-up to the meeting in Berlin of the foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France: "We need military help". I guess you don’t say that when you’re confident of victory. On Sunday, another MIG-29 was reportedly shot down by the separatists. Additional volunteer battalions are also being formed to compensate for losses.

Yarosh, the leader of the Right Sector, has now withdrawn the ultimatum to President Poroshenko to withdraw the fighters from the militias. Allegedly, after an emergency meeting, the government partially complied with the demands and released the imprisoned members of the Right Sector. Right Sector’s leadership has banned the fighters from selling weapons, explosives and ammunition from use in the "Counterterrorism operation" to divert. Jarosch explained that at the front there was only the direction forward. If necessary, Right Sector will inform the government about the movement of armed forces outside the combat zone.

On Saturday, the spokesman of the National Defense and Security Council had declared that the separatists were in a panic and wanted to take over the Donetsk region by the 18th of September. August left. Lysenko said that the separatists were attacked by the Ukrainian armed forces "demoralized". Some had already taken the flags from the occupied administrative buildings, Chechen soldiers had withdrawn from the heavily contested towns of Yenakiyeve and Horlivka. The "terrorists" were disguised as civilians and fled with other escapees. In the last few days, some men have been arrested at the checkpoints, who have been described as a "Terrorists" be suspected. The separatists continue to be accused of bombarding and destroying even residential areas in the cities with artillery.

It is usually amed that Zakharchenko’s allegations can be taken as evidence that Moscow is supplying the separatists with fighters and technology. It remains unclear, however, whether the Russian government is directly supporting the separatists or merely assisting to the extent that it is not closing off the sections of the border controlled by the separatists on the Ukrainian side in order to allow people, vehicles and weapons in and out of Ukraine. One may also wonder whether Zakharchenko was referring, for example, to the military convoy that, according to Western journalists, drove into Ukraine from Russia and which, according to unsubstantiated claims by Poroshenko, was partially destroyed. Russia had called the convoy "Phantom" the OSCE stated that they had tried to verify the claim. But this was not possible. The possible border incursions happened in an area where OSCE observers are not present for security reasons.

However, there was talk of more columns of tanks and armored vehicles entering Ukraine from Russia. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, this was also the case yesterday. Russia continues to deny such deliveries. Apparently, the Russian aid convoy will be allowed to enter Ukraine after all, and the ICRC will be in charge of distributing the aid there. The convoy should be divided, so only 30 trucks should be allowed to enter at a time.

disturbances in the matrix

Fedor Berezin.

The separatists live in the matrix, in the virtual war?

Novayagazeta.ru published on Saturday a very strange conversation with the science fiction author (The anticipated war, ex-officer and deputy "Defense Minister" the "Donetsk People’s Republic", which was held in a cafe in Donetsk popular among separatist fighters. About the resignation of Girkin, respectively. When asked about Strelkov and the rumor that he was injured, Fedor Berezin would not say anything, apart from the fact that the Internet is a dumping ground, one should not believe everything that one sees there. However, he refers to the "Matrix", which is made up of zeros and ones and can be flawed. One exists, but it is only a program, which is why it can disappear in the event of a crash. But since it is only a program, one need not worry, because one is still alive.

That was profound. But then he also said that Strelkow might not exist, maybe everyone was just living in the matrix. Everyone just thinks they are alive and well, that there is a coffee machine there. But there is no coffee. When he was asked whether the Donetsk People’s Republic does not exist, the deputy minister of defense started to grumble, saying that he had only spoken about the universe. The People’s Republic would remain, he ared. The Ukrainian government is now bombing everything out of desperation, because time is short. The separatists only had to hold out a little longer, because Kiev was about to collapse. It is not necessary to fight, you just have to sit and wait like here in the cafe, where everybody drinks their beer and nobody wants to fight.

But their homeland they defend then nevertheless: "We were born here in Donetsk, I was born here. We drove the national liberation war of the Russian people." But then once again comes the matrix that is the fatherland. And matrix or not, the human life is the highest value, but there is no war without victims. He does not want war, but he is a patriot and fights when he is cornered. There’s no shame in losing the battle either, he says, but now he’s confident of victory. Fighting was mostly locals, only a few foreigners. But he would like to set up an international brigade like in the Spanish Civil War. The science fiction author, who wages war, obviously does not think much of negotiations. All progressive forces will eventually rally behind them, and they want progress for everyone, not just for an elite. Therefore, he also believes that the Russian system will change, that Russia is at a crossroads to a new Russia. There could also be victims, as in the 1930s in the Soviet Union. It is bad when innocent people are killed, but one must win the war against the enemies of the country: "collective goals must take precedence over personal goals." But in the end it is again about disturbances in the matrix.

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