Isil continues towards baghdad

Kurdish and shiite milizers should stop the Salafists

Kurdish militias from the north of Iraq have the 850.000-inhabitant city of Kirkuk occupied. Previously, the Iraqi army from there was fear of the Salafist terrorist group ISIL fled. In the area around Kirkuk, about a fiveft of the olreserves of Iraq. A referendum on the accommodation of the city to the Kurdish area has been moved again for seven years. Now the KurdenMilizen have created facts.

The Isil Salafists conquered the small town of Udhaim in the province of Diyala vaccinated by Kurds and Arabs, which is about 90 kilometers from the capital Baghdad. Again, government troops simply gave up their positions and retreated. 30 kilometers further towards Baghdad, in Diyals provincial capital Bakuba, an ISIL attack should have been repeated. Whether the Iraqi Army – as its guidance claimed – could recall the fallen tikrit on Thursday on Wednesday, is unclear.

If Isil is coming forward, then the Terrorgruppe Baghdad could attack from several pages. In the West she has already controlled the 70 kilometer of Baghdad Falludja since January. A tribal fufer in the conquered village of Alam said the terrorists allegedly said that there will be a "decision-making battle" in Baghdad.

Baghdad is in fact in a Sunni west and a Shiite East divided into two. In addition, the city is located between the Sunnitan and the Schiite dominated country section. There is Isil on Shiite Milizen, which are significantly better motivated than the Iraqi army. Isil penetrates here, then the Ali-trailed ali-trailed by the Salafists must be a lot of totters, rape and evictions feared by the Salafists as a Haretics. In Bash and other villages in the Sudirak, there have already been reported numerous volunteers who want to fight in such Shiitemilizen.

From the Mosoul fallen on Tuesday, according to the Archbishop Emil Shimoun Nona all Christians fled. According to the Hilfswerk Missio, the city’s pilot by ISIL terrorists were several hundred civilians. On the straws are to be bodies that are not ripped off. In the Oslich of Mosul Assyrian City Quaraqosh, on the other hand, still consider Christians. There the Salafists moved monastery.

Whether the Turkey tends to war in the war after the hostage sawn of her consulate staff in Mosul in the war, is open so far. A meeting convened by the Turkish NATO Ambassador, which was allegedly only the information of the other NATO member trainers. Consul Ozturk Yilmaz – A former adviser of the Turkish Minister Prospective Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Dear in Mosoul Supposedly just secret documents destroy than the terrorists in the consulate. In the English Twitter Canal of Isil, yesterday, he did not bother the Turken, but only "spent in a safe place", where they were staying, until "investigations" are completed. 32 Turkish truck drivers, who had also arrested, should now be back on free fift.

In the Great Britain, the former colonial power in Iraq, the driving of both governing parties have clearly pronounced against military intervention. Prime Minister David Cameron said in this context, the current problems of Iraq only go loose. By contrast, the United States just fill the use of ground forces, but not a potential support from the air explicitly.

For many observers, the ISIL Successes surprised for many observers, as expected, leaved to an increase in the Old Prize: A Barrel of the North Sea Resorts Brent was traded yesterday with $ 110.42 0.4 percent more expensive than a day before, the price of the US variety WTI rose by 0.3 percent to $ 104.68.

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