Johnson johnson: effectiveness of vaccination is not sufficient

After the simple vaccination with the vaccine of Johnson Johnson should, according to the new recommendation of the Permanent Vaccination Commission (Stiko) still needs another vaccination with a mRNA vaccine take place. According to Stiko, this offers better protection against Corona. As the experts announced on Thursday, another vaccination could be given four weeks after the administration of Johnson Johnson occur.

Johnson Johnson's vaccine against the delta variant, which is most common in Germany, is lower than that of other Corona vaccines such as Biontech and Moderna. In the end, the Stiko even speaks of insufficient Vaccination protection.

Stiko: Vaccine breakthroughs at Johnson Johnson are becoming more frequent

Studies would have shown that with Johnson Johnson the highest number of vaccine breakthroughs in relation to the number of vaccines administered," she says. In the case of a vaccine breakthrough, a person becomes infected with the coronavirus despite successful vaccination.

Already in July, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) had pointed out that the protective effect of Johnson Johnson was "only" 65 percent. Means: compared to an unvaccinated person, people who have been administered Johnson Johnson are 65 percent less likely to become infected. The protective effect of Biontech, Moderna or Astrazeneca, on the other hand, is between 80 and 95 percent.

The US virologist Dr. Angela Rasmussen had therefore also already recommended in July to follow up with a second dose of mRNA vaccine.

Protection against severe courses of the disease by vaccination is nevertheless given

Even if the vaccine from Johnson Johnson Infection not prevent in sufficiently desired measure, it protects however very well against a serious course of the disease, Carsten Watzl, Secretary General of the German Society for Immunology, had already emphasized some time ago. Johnson Johnson herself gives the protection against a severe disease as 85 percent.

The recommendation of the Stiko is not yet final. The associated draft resolution are still in the Coordination with the federal states and experts. The recommendation could therefore still change.

At Vaccine Johnson Johnson, one dose was previously considered sufficient for full vaccination protection, whereas with the other approved vaccines, two injections are initially administered.

According to current data from the RKI on Thursday, so far more than 3.2 million people in this country with Johnson Johnson vaccinated. Because it only has to be administered once, the vaccine offers a practical advantage. It was used particularly with humans, whom a second inoculation before larger logistic problems places.