Joshua kimmich: federal government hopes for insight

Joshua kimmich: federal government hopes for insight

The German government is hoping that Bayern pro Joshua Kimmich still be vaccinated. There were "clear and convincing answers from national and international experts" for people who had concerns about vaccination against the coronavirus, said Government spokesman Steffen Seibert Monday. "I hope that Joshua Kimmich will let this information all sink in again and then perhaps also decide in favor of vaccination."

Bayern star Joshua Kimmich has "personal concerns"

Seibert pointed out in this regard that Kimmich is a footballer "who millions are watching". He would thus have a "role model effect" in a vaccination, said the spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). "The number of people vaccinated will also play a decisive role in how we in Germany can organize our coexistence during the pandemic."

Kimmich had confirmed on Saturday on the Sky channel that he had not yet been vaccinated. He has "personal concerns," "especially regarding the lack of long-term studies," the 26-year-old said. He is, however, "aware of his responsibility," adheres to hygiene measures and is tested every two to three days. Kimmich stressed that he was "not a Corona denier or vaccination opponent" and that it was "very possible that I will soon be vaccinated".

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health stressed that vaccination is an "individual decision". However, given the high number of people vaccinated, much is already known, including about rare side effects of the vaccines, and the Corona vaccine is "significantly better researched" than other. Experts also say side effects "always occur within a few weeks after vaccination".

The spokesman for Horst Seehofer (CSU), the German interior minister responsible for sports, said he has been convinced for months "that vaccination is the only sustainable way out of the pandemic". The ministry had therefore tried to promote the vaccination through the sports associations. Ultimately, however, each individual would have to decide this. "There is no compulsory vaccination in Germany." (AFP)