Left: kipping and riexinger do not want to run again

Left: kipping and riexinger do not want to run again

Following in the footsteps of Left Party leader Katja Kipping, her co-chair Bernd Riexinger has also announced he will not run for the top job again in October. The 64-year-old announced this on Saturday in a written statement to the party bodies, which is available to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

Kipping also does not want to run again at the next federal party conference of her party in October as a Chairmen of the Left Party line up, as she had previously communicated. Corresponding media reports were officially confirmed by Berlin's Karl Liebknecht House on Friday. Kipping has co-led the Left Party with Bernd Riexinger since 2012.

Kipping stood at the head of the party for eight years. The 42-year-old made her withdrawal in an Letter to their party colleagues admits, as the news agency AFP on Friday from party circles experienced. It was time to start something new after the federal party conference in the fall, Kipping wrote according to the report, without naming her plans more concretely.

Left party conference postponed because of Corona

At a party conference on 31. The leadership is to be newly elected in October. On Saturday and Sunday, the federal executive committee of the Left Party is meeting, where both chairmen want to make a statement.

The statutes of the Left Party actually provide that after eight years a change should take place. Originally, the party conference with the board elections was to take place in June, but it was postponed because of the Corona pandemic.