Mascherode and lamme will not receive a streetcar connection

Mascherode and lamme will not receive a streetcar connection

Naturally, the six planned streetcar routes are the subject of heated debate. During the public participation in the city hall there were a lot of questions and criticism. But also because streetcar routes were discarded, there was criticism. Many were disappointed. What reasons there were for not building the lines to Mascherode and Lamme?

A major reason is always the so-called standardized assessment. This study states: Does it make economic sense to build the line? If this is not the case, there are no subsidies from the federal and state governments. In Braunschweig, the council is unanimous on one ie: Braunschweig will not build anything that makes no economic sense. If no subsidies flow, no construction will take place.

The route to Lamme fell victim to this principle, explains the city administration. Of course it had been examined. But: "In the corridor Lehndorf to Kanzlerfeld/Lamme, the route to Lamme was identified as clearly uneconomical with a benefit-cost indicator of 0.1 in these comparative considerations," said Rainer Keunecke, press spokesman for the city of Braunschweig, when asked.

That means: the goal, an indicator of at least 1.0, was more than clearly missed. The reason for this is that the travel time of the new bus line 418 from Lamme via Madamenweg to the city center "has a travel time that cannot be achieved by the light rail via Lehndorf and Rudolfplatz".

But without a gain in travel time, no one will take the streetcar. This is reflected in the poor result of the standardized evaluation. The administration: "The bus is therefore the more economical and more efficient means of transport on the route to Lamme."As soon as the streetcar goes to Kanzlerfeld, Lamme's bus line 411 will be eliminated. In return, the buses of line 418 are to run at shorter intervals.

The fact that Lamme could grow, because further building areas are conceivable in the direction of Lehndorf, did not play a role in the decision by the way. The regional transport company will check the calculations.

The following applies: Only what the council has already initiated as a construction area may be included in the calculation. In the city hall it was said in addition: There is in this question no Schonrechnen. Either there is a council decision or there is no council decision. This must be proven. What is conceivable, but not decided, does not flow into the evaluation. Otherwise, the regional transport company corrects the calculations."

Various corridors for a new streetcar route were also compared for Mascherode and Rautheim. It quickly became clear, says city spokesman Keuncke, that "two independent lines to Mascherode and Rautheim cannot be represented".

The result stated that "the route to Mascherode did not achieve a higher value than 0.7 in preliminary studies with different line models"." With the guidance to Rautheim "therefore the more economical of the two possibilities was further concretized".

In addition: In the further investigations of the Rautheim section "a routing along Braunschweiger Strabe prevailed over a routing via Moncheweg and Am Rautheimer Holze".