On to new shores

The second identity from the Internet.

If you believe the e-mail that is currently being shipped in bulk, then the good old GDR is risen from ruins. but "Surfing @ bird.GDR" Does not respond and sent mails sent to the address immediately as a pre-delivered.

That may calm down. But what the e-mail promises, nevertheless sounds incredible: "Put a second pass and / or a new driver’s license? Election: Locomotive.webjump.com."

Said, done: And there is an even more incredible:

"Camouflage! The cheapest life insurance you can buy! The most authentic identity! – What is a camouflage pass? Tariff’s passport look just as a real PAB but the exhibitor is an no longer existing country."

And, it’s howevercoming, who is afraid of terrorists, before aircraft drivers or other bad ganovas of this world, which can be done with a camouflage passport well. But before the protection one has the agony of choice. Among other things: Hollandic Guayana, British West Islands, Netherlands, Neu-Hebrides, Ossamoa islands, Rhodesia, USSR and the Schuee Sud-Vietnam are offered. And, if you have decided for one, there is still the appropriate fuser.

Now it lights up immediately that a German policeman ­ Let’s say – in Lower Bavaria at a traffic control is deeply impressed by a newly-harridic driving license, but whether Bose black aircraft drivers with the owner of a Rhodesian passport is truly friendlier, let it go. And that you, before you do this "authentic identity" Received, first of all, to have 1000 dollars on a Dutch account, that sounds like fraud or at least farm farming.

Since we praise Doctor Gerhard Kurtz, the self-retired "Old Master Global Information", the on its web side next to all sorts of wheels control tips for only 120 dm one "Secret Report Second Pass" Offering:

"…If you are in certain Herrenragerlanders (Z.B. Gulf states) do not want to be discriminated if they are the wrong name (Z.B. Karadzic) or the wrong nationality (Iraqis) – in these and one hundred other cases you need the right second pass. Our report on the survival of new shores betrayed, in which of 50 test channels you come to which price at which legal source come to the train."

Sounds good, right? So quickly on new shores ­ with a new name, with new nationality and especially best survival opportunities in conscience "Men’s breeding".

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