Politicians call for early payment of christmas bonuses

Fearing a lockdown, several politicians are calling for the Christmas bonus ahead of time. People should go shopping in the cities while they are still allowed to do so. After the outbreak of the pandemic, the stores were closed in the spring. Christmas shopping in Corona times: Is this possible at all?

A Lockdown at Advent would hit the retail sector even harder. For toys, watches, jewelry, perfumery or clothing, Christmas sales account for 20 to 25 percent of annual sales, sometimes more.

Online giants would be the beneficiaries

"We need to get the Retail support now," Rhineland-Palatinate CDU faction leader Christian Baldauf told Bild newspaper. He appealed to companies, the Christmas bonus not as usual with the November salary To pay out, but already a month earlier. This sounds like "fake news" or an April Fool's joke. But the man is serious – and he's not alone.

Like Baldauf, members of the Bundestag Florian Post (SPD) and Michael Theurer (FDP) expressed their views. Only on Wednesday had German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the 16 minister presidents of the federal states affirmed that they want to avoid a lockdown. After the third consecutive day of new coronavirus infections at a All-time high lie, apparently however ever more politicians secretly adjust themselves to the fact that it could come nevertheless to it.

At stake is 100 billion euros

For retailers, it would be a GAU. In 2019, shoppers spent in the top-selling Christmas business around 102 billion euros from. Back then, a shopping spree without a mask and fear of crowds was still possible. In lockdown, people would have no choice but to order their gifts online.

The FDP man Michael Theurer alludes to this: "Before the whole thing with anonymous online giantslands, it would be great if the companies, which despite Corona still be able to pay Christmas bonuses, bring forward its payment."

Trade association skeptical about early Christmas bonuses

The Trade association Germany reluctant to respond to politicians' proposals to bring forward Christmas bonus payments this year, boosting retail sector. Chief executive Stefan Genth told news agency dpa: "We welcome all measures that help our downtown retailers get through this Corona crisis".

However, an early payout does so only to a very small extent. "Unfortunately, many customers are currently avoiding the shopping spree because they are in Corona times want to encounter as few people as possible," said Genth. In addition, the savings rate is currently very high. For the traders in distress, direct aid payments are therefore more purposeful, he added.

However, for reasons of infection control, it would not even be inappropriate for the Gifts earlier than usual – to avoid crowding and to make shopping easier. And yet an early Christmas bonus would be as unusual as snow in October. Then you might as well revive the slogan that made advertising history: "Yes, is it Christmas already today??"