Salzgitter: inseparable cat duo is looking for a new home

Salzgitter: inseparable cat duo is looking for a new home

Autumn time is snuggle time, at least that's how the two of them see it Maine-Coone-Mix-Cats Cupid and Hailey. The fluffy duo loves each other and is inseparable. The Animal shelter Salzgitter is looking for a common home for the "animals of the week.

They look for hollows and cuddly cushions in the animal shelter Salzgitter

Cupid, the black and white tomcat, and his fair lady Hailey are a couple, and they are very attached to each other. They spend the whole day together and always seek the proximity of each other. With pleasure they look for a cozy place in one of the troughs in the animal shelter or a soft Cuddly cushion, to curl up and take a nap together.

A good quarter of a year ago, the pair of cats in the Animal shelter Salzgitter a. For health reasons, the owner could no longer care for four-year-old Amor and two-year-old Hailey. During the veterinary examination it was found that both pelt-noses were FIV-positive were tested (FIV stands for feline immunodeficiency virus, infectious only for felines, not for humans), however without noticeable symptoms.

The snow-white Hailey has a long coat

On the other hand long fur by Hailey. Even if her adored cupid cleans her regularly, the snow-white Hailey depends on fur care of her future family. The long fur can knot and become uncomfortable for the animal, therefore is regular brushing indispensable.

The "Animals of the week"are cats for everyone. They are sweet, cuddly and open-minded. Other conspecifics are no competition for them, on the contrary. The shelter team is looking for Cat friends, who have no problem with FIV disease and can offer a home with a balcony or a secured, fenced garden.