Seifert and pfohl leave the grizzly hospital

Seifert and pfohl leave the grizzly hospital

Partly pleasant news from the lazaretto of the vice champion. Grizzlies' sickout rate drops precipitously heading into the weekend. Two of the last four players out of action make their comeback. Center Fabio Pfohl and defenseman Patrick Seifert show thumbs up and are firmly scheduled in the weekend squad of Wolfsburg's first-division ice hockey team. For another duo, however, the thumbs remain down. Head coach Pavel Gross explains who plays why again and who not yet.

Patrick Seifert: Almost eight months after his severe shoulder injury, which resulted in two surgeries, the former Augsburg. "Patrick will run as the seventh defender, we'll rotate normally," Gross announces. He has no reservations. "We have stuck to the timetable set by the doctors."

Fabio Pfohl: The young center had injured his knee at the beginning of the last period against Munich on Sunday – a painful bruise. "Fabio is back in training, will play," says Gross and breathes a sigh of relief that he doesn't have to occupy the forward center differently. If he does, Alexander Weib and Gerrit Fauser are possible replacements.

Robbie Bina: The U.S. defender is also injured knee, for two and a half weeks. "The pain is still too great," says Gross. Bina trains in the white signal jersey for stricken players. "When he is fit, we then also have to work on his ice condition again first."That sounds as if it is even for the weekend after next will be close.

Kris Foucault: The Canadian forward, probably injured shoulder, was on the ice since the beginning of the week. "The next two weeks, however, we will not yet see him in the game."