Spain has a new escape with the rapper valtonyc

Spain has a new escape with the Rapper Valtonyc

For his songs, the Mallorquiner should take a prison sentence today, but he now wants to draw attention to the lack of freedom of expression in Europe in Europe

"Tomorrow is the day, then you will enter my apartment to throw me in the jail", wrote Josep Miquel Arenas yesterday, the "Valtonyc" is known. The Rap Sanger from Mallorca, today "Because of some songs" a three-half-year prison sentence should, wrote that "Spain, once again, will make it laughable". He also announced by Twitter: "I will not make it so easy for you, disobedience is legitimate and given this fascist state a duty. No one lists here."

What the left activist meant that "Majestate" and alleged "Glorification of terrorism" was convicted, is clear now. Despite his monitoring by the police, which he had previously made, the 24-year-old settled into exile. According to torture or political persecution due to torture or political persecution, the catalans and more political pursuing, a young Sanger also occurs for lack of freedom of expression and political persecution.

The fact that left activists, puppeters, Sanger and Twitterer are tracked is known. Unshed usually occur right radicals that even call on the radio thurfing, "Bombs in breweries in Bavaria" lay "Bombing Barcelona". This is covered by the Spanish freedom of expression. But there are imprisonment, since the People’s Party (PP) has set various criminal previews and a muzzle law. Increasing criminalization is criticized by international organizations and the European Court of Justice for Human Rights but also stronger.

Before escaping, over its goal was speculated, Valtonyc also reported by "Death threats" by members of the Paramilitarian Guardia Civil. "I wife that violence is well cleaned, you also put people. I say that because of the 1. October in Catalonia or what you do with immigrants in Ceuta and Melilla." He says the one "Militarahnal surgery" against peaceful participants in the independent specialty in Catalonia or that the paramilitars also push for floating escape with deadly output.

Before his flight Valtonyc went on concert tour in Spain and also hosted a hiding game to which he had called. Solidary people and groups had bought him a total of 23 different air tickets to a total of 11 different goals, he reports. Thus, pursuers should be tricky, which has succeeded. "They are afraid that I flee into a democratic country, achieve what happened here, and thus Spain blobstelle", He sent his scheduled flight. At this afternoon, the rapper has also explained to the Catalan television TV3, where the journey went. He too is, as previously pursued Catalan politician, lit to Belgium.

That’s logic. But it had also been speculated, he could go to Switzerland, because there are already the catalan Anna Gabriel and Marta Rovira. Switzerland also explained, you will not deliver anyone to Spain due to political activities. But Belgium, which has just definitely rejected the delivery of three former Catalan government members, is the better choice. The country has already refused to deliver besque to Spain, as torture threatens to torture. Switzerland, on the other hand, had tried all violence to deliver a Basque torture victim. Bern did not fight with fame, finally laughable, as the penalty was long ago.

"A country in which the freedom of expression is injured and in which democracy is at stake"

Now ValtonyC in Europe also wants to draw attention to the situation in Spain becoming increasingly engraving, where journalists have been mourning for weeks to against the "manipulation" Protest in public broadcasting, where even judges and prosecutor has taught together to protest against the interference of politics and for them because they "Independence strong" want.

His case will help, as well as the location of Carles Puigdemont in Germany, to clarify the serious democracy deficits in the country. In the case of Valtonyc, the burgermeister in the Catalan metropolis of Barcelona doubts whether Spain is still a democracy: "A country where artists have to flee to be imprisoned because of their lyrics is a country in which freedom of expression is injured and in which democracy is at stake", explained the left-handed Ada Colau via Twitter.

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