The cafe bus opens again on 10. June in schladen

The cafe bus opens again on 10. June in schladen

According to the team, they were asked again and again: "When will you open again??" The answer is now clear: from Thursday, 10. June, the cafe bus will again be at the Schladen shopping center in front of the Rewe market at 9 a.m. on the dot. As in 2020, the bus will be open from Thursday to Saturday. About deviations or also Special dates is informed on the website:

Protect pavilion

First only one Outdoor catering offered, but three large pavilions protect guests from the wind and weather, or even from too much sun, if needed, the press release states. The hygiene concept was adapted to the current situation and the latest Corona regulation. As long as indoor catering areas are still subject to mandatory testing or require proof of vaccination/health, only outdoor areas will be Coffee in different variations as well as Cake offered.

Procedure depending on regulations

The Contact details can be done classically via prepared forms or digitally via the Luca app as well as the Corona warning app will be made, according to the organizers. QR codes for scanning and booking in will be posted on the bus and available at the tables. But the process depends on the regulations in place. Goes to 229 days break.