The dfl's plan pisses off wolfsburg fans

The dfl's plan pisses off wolfsburg fans

More than 3,000 Wolfsburg fans were present last March when VfL won 1-0 at RB Leipzig. How many will there be at the beginning of May, when the Green-Whites are again guests in the Saxon metropolis on the penultimate matchday?? They may have to do without some supporters if the DFL still moves the game (we reported). Wolfsburg fans are angry.

"What's going on is unbelievable, isn't it?. Maybe the fans have become a nuisance to the people in charge, maybe the TV money is enough for them, and they don't want us in the stadium at all," says Lothar Hilmer, chairman of the second-largest fan club, the "Aller-Ohre-Wolfe". Michael Bottcher is also miffed. "It would be a scandal if a team is deprived of its fan support because the match day takes place at a fan-unfriendly time," says the chairman of the "Schlemmerbruder".

What has them, representative of the majority of VfL fans, so up in arms is the announcement by the German Football League that Wolfsburg's match on the penultimate matchday in Leipzig may be postponed by a day. Instead of Saturday,

5. May, at RB to run up, would have to the green-whites on Sunday, 6. May, ran. Because the hosts have to play on 3. May to compete in the Europa League if they make it to the semifinals. For more than 30 years, the pairings on the penultimate and last matchday of the season have been played at the same time to prevent any distortion of competition. This rule would be broken.

Many fans and fan clubs had already planned tours to Leipzig. "Those who want to support VfL away suddenly don't know what's going on," says Bottcher. And Hilmer is just waiting for a callback from the company where he booked a bus for the trip on 5. May has hired to Leipzig. "I pray and hope that we can get the bus on Sunday as well. However, some supporters have already cancelled in this case," reports the head of the fan club.

Only on 12. April fans know more. Then the quarter-final second leg of the Leipzig against Marseille takes place. If they are eliminated, VfL will play on Saturday. If the Saxons get ahead, Plan B will have to take effect. "The games are also scheduled so late. For us, this is a big problem. I can't understand it either, after all, you know which teams have to play internationally and when," says Hilmer.

The topic is also hotly debated on our newspaper's Facebook page. One thing is clear: In Wolfsburg, the fingers are more likely to be crossed for Marseille in the Europa League…