The lost honor of osman b.

The accusations against the "Terror Parchen of Heidelberg", Having planned attacks against U.S. facilities turned out to be the witness’s bubbles

The Heidelberg terrorist parachute was Osman P. and his girlfriend Astrid E. in September 2002 by the media. Both were arrested in their Walldorf apartment shortly before the anniversary of the double attack in New York and Washington. Speculation initially knew no bounds.

There was also speculation about links to Islamist terrorist groups and about a crude attack that the duo had planned against U.S. facilities in Heidelberg on the anniversary of the attacks. The defendants always vehemently denied the accusations, but initially received little attention from the media and the public. Shortly before the federal elections, conservative politicians used the case to accuse the German government of being too lax in its handling of the terrorist scene and to call for tougher laws.

The arrests also made waves in the U.S. The Washington Post called the duo the most serious threat to U.S. personnel since 9/11. September 2001. Investigators quickly discovered that the chemicals found in the two men’s apartment could have been used at the workplace by P. but were completely unsuitable for building bombs. The defendant claimed he wanted to use the materials to build bollards.

Also the Arab backmen have only in the imagination of the main prosecution witness Cristie A. exists. The former close friend of Astrid E. got the whole thing rolling. Last week, as a prosecution witness, when she qualified her own statements, it was already clear that the prosecution would come up empty-handed. Even prosecutor Jorg Richert had to find contradictions in the statements of Cristie A. determine. The defense attorney of Osman P., Andrea Combe, even spoke of a "Thought Construct", the witness of one’s own "spun together" have.

The Heidelberg Regional Court confirmed this assessment with its verdict handed down on Monday. Osman B. and Astrid E. were acquitted of the charge of having planned bombings. Nonetheless, the proceedings have had a significant impact, especially for Osman P. serious consequences. He was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for stealing explosives and a drug offense. Then the man, who has lived in Germany for years, is to be deported to his home country of Turkey.

Astrid E. received a six-month suspended sentence for cannabis cultivation. Political scientist Claudia Haydt sees parallels in this case to the terror hysteria of the late 70s. Especially people from the Arab world were quickly suspected of terrorism.

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