Vw vaccinates again in “port 1” of the autostadt

Vw vaccinates again in 'port 1' of the autostadt

Volkswagen spares no expense or effort to help prevent lockdown. On Monday, the vaccination center, which had already been dismantled, was rebuilt in the "Hafen 1" event center of the Autostadt. Already on first day were 350 booster vaccinations and around 100 initial vaccinations administered.

Initial vaccinations also possible with Biontech

Since the 3G rules apply to businesses, the topic burns many employees under the nails. The company's step to actively participate in the vaccinations is only logical. A lockdown would hit the automaker hard. In any case, the situation is tense because of the chip shortage. Employees who have now been vaccinated for the first time with the Biontech active ingredient could probably receive the second vaccination between Christmas and New Year, it is said. As before, there are also opportunities to be tested in the immediate vicinity of the plant. But this option is only for employees who experience symptoms and do not know if it is Corona.