Afd foundation: law should prevent funding from taxes

The Anne Frank educational institution and the Green politician Volker Beck want to prevent with a bill that the AfD-affiliated Desiderius Erasmus Foundation in the future tax funds in million height receives.

"Political education has the task of anchoring the basic principles of the free democratic basic order in the population," Beck said in a statement obtained in advance by this editorial office.

"Our legislative initiative includes the regular review of the activities of foundations. Those who are not fit for democracy must be removed from circulation!", Beck continues.

AfD Foundation: legislative initiative against taxpayer funding

The draft law is to be presented on Wednesday and outlines the key points of a "Wehrhafte-Demokratie-Gesetz" (Defensive Democracy Law). In the center should be a legal regulation for political foundations. Their work and financing are so far to a large extent unregulated, criticizes the educational institution. According to the proposals of the education center, party foundations should be obliged, among other things, to adhere to the basic principles of the Basic Law.

The director of the Anne Frank Educational Institution, Meron Mendel, calls on the democratic parties to act: "The democratic parties must resolutely oppose those who want to destroy the free democratic basic order," the director of the educational institution said. "We have worked out the legal means to give them a verification tool for this – like the TuV (German technical inspection authority)."